How Meditating As A Couple Can Improve Your Sex Life

When thinking about the benefits associated with meditation, sex is definitely not on the list. That would be a mistake since mindfulness is definitely going to help you much more than what you initially thought. People that use meditation normally say that they found an increase in sex drive and that everything is a lot better than before. This is due to various different reasons. Here is what needs to be said.

You Get Deep Rest That Offers More Energy

There will no longer be a moment when you will feel tired for sex. Exhaustion is actually the number one reason why couples do not have that much sex these days. Statistics show that around 25% of couples are sleep deprived and are often finding themselves being too tired for sex. Meditation offers deep body rest. You end up feeling more awake. A jolt of energy automatically means adult playtime will be better.

Stress Is Lowered – Better Orgasms

Cortisol levels that are high can actually cause the appearance of erectile dysfunction and female orgasm can be prevented. If cortisol levels are higher than a specific amount, the woman’s body simply becomes incapable of reaching an orgasm. Being stressed out means you are not aroused. Meditation helps to reduce stress. It is actually one of the most important advantages associated with meditation. Relaxing always means sex is better. The brain produces more serotonin and dopamine. All this increases sexual appetite and even orgasm intensity.

Meditation Removes Distractions

Distractions will not be directly removed by meditation but you will end up being more present. You will no longer focus on the past. You can end up enjoying the present more, which is going to be very beneficial for actually enjoying sex. Brain cohesion increases when you meditate. You gain more computing power, awareness and attention. As distraction is removed, the partner will appreciate the extra attention you get.

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No Longer Needing A Partner To Be Complete

When you see someone saying that the partner completes them it is not that great of a thing. It is actually a problem since there is nothing that would complete you. Happiness can only be found inside you. When you cannot access this happiness you will look for someone else to offer it. Meditation helps because it aids you to simply realize what is important in your life. All this makes you feel complete, happy.

Getting A Stronger Connection With The Partner

One thing that few people know is that when you watch someone that is pleasured you can end up feeling great. That is exactly why porn is such a huge industry at the moment. Meditation helps you to get better in touch with the partner, being aware of what he/she likes. Simply pleasuring the other person will make you feel more pleasure, making you more aroused and offering better orgasms.


As noticed, it is not at all easy to understand why meditation is seen as being so important for couples. It does help to make the couple think and act as one during intimate moments.