Indoor Skydiving Offers an Exciting Alternative Fly Experience

Indoor skydiving has established itself as a popular activity amongst many. A lot of people think that indoor skydiving offers the perfect fly experience for those who want to try actual skydiving afterwards. This is true; the activity will allow you to get a taste of what you can expect and thus you can have a better idea of whether you would enjoy it or not. Nevertheless, indoor skydiving offers a lot more than this; it provides monumental amounts of fun in its own right. Don’t view indoor skydiving as a starter and outdoor skydiving as the main course. Whilst both offer the flying experience, they are actually very different from one and other, and hence some people actually prefer indoor diving in comparison to the outdoor alternative.


There is indoor skydiving centres based around the whole of the UK and therefore you should not find any trouble when it comes to trying this new experience. Before delving into the fun associated with indoor skydiving and the differences in relation to the outdoor experience, let’s reveal what you can expect, once you arrive at your indoor skydiving centre of choice. First and foremost, you will need to get suited and booted. The centre will provide you with everything you need, including a jumpsuit, a helmet and a pair of goggles. You will then enter a chamber. This is essentially a wind tunnel and it will be powered by fans which are placed underneath the grate in the floor. The power of this is of course so strong that you essentially begin to fly.

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Indoor Skydiving
By Andrew Magill under CC BY 2.0


As mentioned earlier, there is a monumental amount of fun to be had by trying the indoor skydiving fly experience. Those who prefer indoor skydiving in comparison to outdoor skydiving usually do so because they love the fact that they can perform various acrobatic tricks. You won’t be able to do graceful rolls and kicks when jumping out of an aircraft, that’s for certain! A lot of people also remark that they enjoy indoor skydiving more because there is no pressure or anxiety. When partaking in outdoor skydiving, you worry about things such as deploying the parachute. And whilst the skydive ends up being fun, the panic before certainly is not. You need not worry about this with indoor skydiving. In fact, the experience is even described as therapeutic.


Indoor Skydiving Conclusion:

An indoor skydive is an activity everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime, no matter whether you have tried an outdoor skydive before or not. After all, despite both activities providing the fly experience, they are actually very different from one and other. The indoor version is growing in popularity at the moment as more and more individuals are deciding to give it a try. The results are generally very positive and people seem to like the fact that indoor skydiving does not have the big and scary build-up like an outdoor skydive does. And on a final note, the possibility of performing tricks whilst flying is much more enticing to many.

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