Why Is Hypnotherapy More Effective On Some People Than Others?

Nowadays, hypnosis is incredibly popular. This is true in clinical practice and in many other situations. We have various practitioners that are not clinically licenses and that do advertise services as hypnotists. At the same time, we have those that actually have experience and that know what has to be done in order to hypnotize someone.

One of the main reasons why hypnotherapy does not work on a person when it seems to have worked on someone else is that the hypnotherapist is not legit. The world is filled with thousands of scam artists. It is really important that you focus on finding those doctors that actually know what has to be done and that are legit. This is not as common as you may think at first glance. Most of the hypnotherapists that use the internet to advertise services are scammers and should never be trusted.

When used by a trained medical practitioner, hypnosis has been proven to:

  • Work instead of anesthesia in order to numb pain associated with surgical procedures, including the large ones.
  • Work to dislodge the memories that are deeply buried in the mind of an individual, including past events and more.
  • Treat warts.
  • Help in quitting smoking.
  • Help in dealing with drug addiction.
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help get rid of various phobias

Being Hypnotized

In order to understand why hypnosis works better for some people as opposed to others, we should discuss a little the feeling of being hypnotized. This is what can be described as being subjective since the way in which hypnosis is felt by different people can vary. In most situations we are faced with our perception of hypnosis having a huge impact on what is felt during hypnosis. Unfortunately, this is also what the scammers take advantage of.

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Using Hypnosis And Not Working

You will have absolutely no problem in identifying situations in which someone tried to use hypnotherapy and did not succeed. The most common situation is that in which someone tries to use hypnosis in order to quit smoking and nothing really happens.

The big problem with using hypnosis in order to make a change is that the individual needs to actually want to make a change. If this is not the case, there will be absolutely no chance for the technique to actually work in the future, no matter who you will work with. You basically use hypnosis in order to find an effective, healthy replacement for the habit that you want to change.

We should also highlight the fact that many try to go to a meeting where the hypnotherapist will work with many at the same time. This is a really bad idea. While it is possible that the session will be successful, the much higher possibility is that this won’t be the case since the best results always happen when there is some sort of direct contact.

Choosing The Best Hypnotherapist

As already mentioned, hypnotherapy may be a lot more effective on some as opposed to others because of the work that is done by the hypnotherapist. If you really want to do all that you can in order to give this option a try, make sure that you arrange meetings with the very best hypnotherapists that you can find. Do be sure that you arrange conversations with them and that you ask as many questions as possible about what will happen. Look for reviews and try to find any information that will help you to be sure that the hypnotherapist will be experienced and legit.

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