How To Develop Telepathy

Learning how to develop telepathy is a really long process. It will take a lot of time for you to reach the level you surely want to achieve. You need to be faced with a surrounding that is quiet when you practice and you have to be relaxed. Controlling surrounding conditions is vital. Remember that you simply cannot assume that the person you want to reach will be receptive so even the best telepaths in the world can fail. With this in mind, do be sure that you keep trying, constantly improving and developing your telepathy.

The Conversation Misconception

Most people believe that telepathy is a conversation that happens between two people without actually using words. That is not the case. It is more like a signal of what you want to transmit. For instance, if you want someone to give you a call, telepathy makes it possible for that individual to feel the need to call you due to a subconscious response. If you want to transmit a message, the receiver gets that as a mental flash. However, this is definitely advanced telepathy and you have to start with the basics.

Some Exercises To Try

You need to start small and obviously, you want to start practicing by getting to influence people that you do not already know. With this in mind, a restaurant is actually the best place to practice while being surrounded by others.

As an exercise, take some deep breaths and try to visualize your waiter walking towards your table. You can briefly close your eyes if necessary. It sometimes works better like this. In many situations you will end up seeing the waiter turning, looking at you and then coming forward to see if there is something that you want.

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Another variation is to take deep breaths and then picture a string that is located between the waiter and you. Picture an energy pulse that collects at the forehead and then travels right down the string towards the head of the waiter. Try to aim for the same thing as before since this is an easy way to first instill telepathic connections.

When at home, sit in a chair that is really comfortable. Make sure that your body is properly supported. Visualize a friend that would be going to his/her telephone while at home, pick up receivers and then dial your personal number. Try to imagine every single detail of this scene, as bright as you possibly can. Do this for over 10 minutes. With enough practice, you will eventually be called.

Your Subconscious And Psychic Impressions

The problem with developing telepathy is that we have our consciousness stopping us and this does not allow the subconscious to work as it should. Consciousness constantly works, even if we sleep. It controls heart rate, breathing and so much more. The subconscious will control the body when being asleep. It will process information and then act as filter for conscious mind.

What is important in developing telepathy is getting in touch with your subconscious so that you can open your body to psychic impressions. Try to learn all that you can about this and start with the exercises that were highlighted above. Some people are naturally telepathic. They can experience telepathy, precognition and even clairvoyance. Others do need to work hard. Psychic skills always depend on faith, visualization and relaxation.

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