How to clean your home?

Cleaning the house is always something that creates headache especially when you’re not a born housewife with all inherited domestic skills. You can always call the cleaning company if you have extra money, but you will need quite an amount to spend as cleaning is a regular process that shall be done every week and sometimes every few days. But how to clean effectively and quickly when we need to do everything by ourselves? Here are a few tips for those who are not experienced cleaners and do not know how to clean their home without making too much mess.

Cleaning Supplies for Spring Cleaning
Cleaning Supplies for Spring Cleaning (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

Before you start cleaning drink a hot chocolate or coffee, so you be able to adjust mentally. But do not take too much time as you may encounter a motivation problem. Second step – turn on your favorite radio or put a CD. When there is music, everything is easier. Chill and ambient music is very good for cleaning.

If you have carpet, it is best to first start with it. Take it out to for brushing, washing or drying. When removing the carpet, you don’t need to clean the floor-  it is rather pointless. After all the cleaning you will need to go back, so don’t waste your precious time.


You have already cleaned it? Do not despair if you’ve already cleaned the floor. Here are some important steps for effective cleaning of the house. Read them and the next time there will be more fun:

  1. Start from top to bottom. When you wipe the dust off the cabinets, particles always fall down. That is why you should always start from the top, so that you will be able to continue without worrying and wondering why it is dirty. The same goes for dirty windows.
  2. Bring all your medicines and towels with you. Before you start make sure you predict what you need. To clean the dust prepare a bowl of water for you in order to rinse the dirty rag.
  3. Look for the products that you use. Most people take the cheapest cleaning products without worrying about the chemicals they contain and that is not very healthy. If you have a pet or a baby, be careful with selecting preparations and where your store them.
  4. Do not put time limit to get things done at any case. Use the whole day if you are free. When the time is not enough, the work will not be done efficiently. Send your children to the park, and if you husband prefers playing cards than cleaning send him to a friend. And if your wife prefers shopping than cleaning send her on a shopping tour with some of her friends.
  5. If you have too many movable heavy furniture, don’t send your husband anywhere. Use him for moving the furniture. If you are alone you will quickly be exhausted when you move the heavy stuff.
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It was not hard, was it? Do not take cleaning as a duty, but as an enjoyable task! Feeling good in a clean environment is always easier than in a mess. It can even turn into a fun game. Dance with a baton when cleaning and you can even sing with a vacuum cleaner in hand the song of your favorite bands. It is especially recommended if you are a fan of Queen.