How To Achieve Astral Travel/Projection

How To Achieve Astral Travel/Projection

Contrary to what many think, astral projection (sometimes referred to as astral travel) can be learned through a lot of practice. It does take much time and training. At the same time, you have to be sure that you will take a really proper approach. Make sure that you consider everything that is highlighted below in order to take your first steps towards learning how to achieve astral projection.

Basically, you have 3 steps that have to be taken:

  • Taking off
  • Remaining lucid while you are out
  • Recalling the experience as you are back in your physical body

Taking Off

This basically means that the practitioner will relax his/her physical body so much that the astral body (also known as psychosoma) would be able to take off. Both the energy and the physical body need to relax. Unblocking chakras is needed and energies have to basically expand energosoma, the energy body.

Advanced practitioners will tell you that you do not necessarily have to expand energies and unblock chakras in order to achieve an outer body experience. However, it will drastically increase the possibility of success. If there are energosoma blocked areas, the physical body ends up glued to the astral body.

Remaining Lucid While Taking Off

Lucidity is vital when trying to achieve an outer body experience. This means that you have to understand what information you receive, remain cognizant and be aware of practically everything. You are not awake in the regular sense of the word but you do understand what happens around you while you take off.

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The physical body can be asleep or awake. The consciousness of an individual can be lucid or not be lucid. Astral projection means that the physical body sleeps but you end up remaining lucid. Your consciousness does not actually have to sleep so it can be awake.

Recalling The Outer Body Experience

This is the last step that you need and it is not as easy as you may be tempted to believe. This is where you need a lot of training and information. As you leave your body, all that happens is caught by your parabrain inside the astral body. As you get back to the physical body, information has to be exchanged from that parabrain to your physical brain.

Recalling can be aided in different ways. Most start with self-suggestion. It is a simple recalling technique that sees you repeating one phrase many times. This is quite similar to the affirmations that are available for various things.

We should also highlight the fact that you need to try to wake up by yourself slowly. This helps a lot. Waking up too abruptly, like when an alarm clock goes off, you will reduce the possibility of recalling what happened during the outer body experience.

The bottom line is that you have to practice putting the physical body to sleep while remaining lucid. Then, you have to practice how to reconnect so that you can remember everything that happened.

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