What To Expect In The Chinese Year Of The Monkey – 2016

On February 8th, 2016, the Chinese New Year Of The Fire Monkey started, saying farewell to the Goat year. People from all around the world are interested in what will happen during this year. According to Chinese Astrology, there are different answers, many of them being accurate, as 5,000 years taught us.

The Individual Influence

According to Chinese Astrology, predictions are made based on your personal sign. This is how to obtain the most accurate prediction. However, we can tell you some general things that are going to give you better understanding of the Chinese year of the monkey.

Understanding The Personality Of The Monkey

The monkey is described as an inventive, witty and intelligent animal. Monkeys are known as problem solvers, normally working within a group and demonstrating independence. We have a connection with the Shen Branch. Monkeys symbolize creative energy and an irrepressible curiosity. At the same time, the Monkey is regarded to as being an emblem of trickery.

Monkeys are seen as people that do not hesitate when they want to experiment or test theories. They believe that all is possible and will always try to reach that impossible part of the decision. The problem is that a monkey wants to solve the problem at all costs. This means that the individual is tricky, not trustworthy and opportunistic.

2016 Year Of The Monkey

We are faced with a year when anything can happen. Planning your life is not that important as the Monkey’s influence means things will be done, but normally through individual and personal efforts. Political revolutions or upheaval are not going to make a strong impact in 2016. We will see an increase in wit, humor and communication, managing to easily go through periods that are stressful. Risks will pan out and business will flourish. Being different has a huge possibility of leading towards success.

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The negative part is that you have to be ready and be careful about deceptions. At the same time, you will want to revise your health and diet plans since all will be hectic. Stress has to be removed from the body since the mental side of things will be put into question. The year will be positive in terms of real estate, politics and finances but all the decisions you will make will have to be based on facts and analysis.

Any Year Of The Monkey is good for brand new inventions. This means that we never know what great new gadgets or science breakthroughs will appear. However, something will surely appear so be sure that you read the news.

We expect to see great economic growth all around the world. Education will be a key for success. This practically means that you want to consider reading some books and attending some courses. It is a great time to do that. Monkey is all about innovation and creativity. You surely want to take some calculated risks this year since there is a good possibility that your positivity is going to be rewarded.

On the whole, this year will be a really interesting one.