How hearing loss tools help persons suffering hearing loss?

How hearing loss tools help persons suffering hearing loss?

Adults and small children lose their hearing sense due to hereditary and damage in the inner and outer ear. Some may get hearing loss due to head injury and aging.  Though there are several reasons the persons are sure to face troubles and suffering in their day to day activities. Some may have partial loss or less sensitive to sound either in one or both the ears. Those with less hearing ability and who lost in the middle will suffer more than the rest.


Effects and Resolution of deafness

The effects of deafness are worse in case of adults, as it may lead to stress and depression. It creates fear and less concentration on work. The partial hearing loss brings anger and worries to the person. In case of children, it creates unhappiness and loneliness. They lose their speaking ability or clarity in speech and conversations. The hearing tools or aids help to get out all these problems. A hearing aid is an instrument that is fixed on the ears to enhance the audibility of sound. It comes in various sizes shapes and design with different amplifications depending on the specific purpose. Some models are custom made that it fits the ear perfectly and provide comfort while wearing it. The hearing aid helps to hear even less and distant sound with clarity. Some aid also helps to hear the sound of the calling bell and use telephone.

Types of hearing aid

The loss of hearing can be resolved through different types of hearing aids. Each hearing tool varies depending on the deafness, age of the user, power and lifestyle. Body worn aid was the first hearing aid which still exists in today’s market due to less cost and long battery life. There are different type of hearing tools like receiver in the canal, in the ear aid, invisible in canal hearing, extended wear hearing aid, open fit device, disposable hearing aid, wireless aid and many more.  In the ear aid is usually not suggested for children as it needed to be changed often when the children grow. The audiologist provides suggestions to fix a perfect model based on the individual’s need.

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Use for Children

The child with hearing impairment must be treated immediately to improve the listening and speaking ability. Some of the importance of hearing tool for children is


  • Better participation in the classroom discussion
  • Develop communication skills
  • Helps to solve the difficulty in speaking certain sounds like ‘s’, ‘sh’, ‘f’ and ‘k’
  • Some child speaks loudly as he/she cannot hear his/her own voice. The hearing tool helps to talk with clarity and understand the volume of sound
  • Good academic achievement


Uses for Adults

  • Participation in meetings and official gatherings
  • Better concentration at work and reduce fear
  • Increase self confidence
  • Deafness leads to limitations in jobs. The hearing tools helps to do any kind of job without restrictions
  • Get out of loneliness, stress and depression
  • Conversations through phone calls


The latest innovations and improvements in medical technology have solved the problem of hearing loss for all ages from small kid till older people. The specialist helps to acquire the best treatment and effective hearing aid to enhance hearing and the ability to live a positive life.



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