The Heart Chakra – What It Does And How To Cleanse It

Anahata – the Heart Chakra is located, as its name says, near the heart. Our capacity to love ourselves and love others unconditionally is given by this energy centre. The interesting part about this Chakra is that it holds more energy that our brain.

By healing this energy centre, we can increase the vibration power, become kind and find our inner peace. There are just a few of the “gifts “that Anahata can offer us when it is relieved. The tendencies of control and judging others disappear and transform themselves into love, inspiration and joy.

Love is the highest energy vibration that we can achieve. It has the power to heal, to connect us with other people and surround ourselves with the divine energy of humanity. But in order to bring love in our lives, we need to know how to attract it. This thing is possible only if we know how to become love, by teaching ourselves to live through the Heart Chakra. None of us can honestly say that we never let ourselves down because of what’s going on around us, diseases, problems. In a perfect world, love flows though everything and creates connections of affection and compassion among all the beings.

In order to feel all of these and be able to live in harmony, we need to activate it. A common technique is by using the intention. The first step is easy: we need to set the intention to make decisions and act based on our Heart Chakra. Once this intention is set and repeated daily, we will start to reflect over everything that harms the heart. It can be a toxic relationship, a friendship, an experience. This period of reflection can be painful, but necessary. You can make this exercise by writing down if you think it is easier, because the mind tends to slow down the process of thinking when we write.

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After we settled all the things that harm us, we will need to decide whether we want to keep them or not. Of course, this process will not happen immediately, it takes time. But when we decide to get rid of the toxic things, we will visualize a green-blue light near our heart and repeat out loud the thing we want to get rid of, as the light expands and surrounds ourselves with love.

Repeat every day some affirmations, such as: “I deserve to receive love and everything that is good in life.”, “today I will radiate love and compassion”. Only by repetition we will succeed to modify the vibration and start acting with our hearts. You can use crystals to remind you of your intentions. The best are emerald and pink quartz. We need to take care of our Heart Chakra every day, remind ourselves that we live in love and harmony with everything in this world.

At the end we will begin to feel what love actually is: pure energy. Visualize your words and actions, live your live through your heart and see it with the eyes of love. It is not easy, but if you want to do this, you will recognize what it toxic in your life and you will see how the love you emanate comes back to you stronger.