Great Guided Meditations Available on YouTube

What Is Guided Meditation?

As the name suggests, guided meditation is meditation with the help of a guide. This type of meditation is one of the easiest ways to enter into a deep state of relaxation and it is recommended for people who deal with stress, anxiety, depression and other problems that can affect someone’s mind and their mood. Guided meditation is a powerful way to eliminate stress and to bring more positivity into people’s lives.

There is more than one way a person can enjoy a guided mediation session – through a recorded session or participating in an actual class hosted by a teacher.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of guided meditation in the comfort of your own home, there are some pretty good guided meditations available on YouTube.

Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation

Length: 18 minutes

Great for people who are tired or extremely stressed.

This guided meditation clip helps people to enter a blissfully deep relaxation state that will allow them to get rid of unnecessary stress and the tiredness they may feel.

Guided Meditation – Clearing Negativity

Length: 15 minutes

Great for people who have negative thoughts that are not allowing them to live a happy and positive life.

Perfect for people who experience negative thoughts on a daily basis, this guided meditation clip empowers people to live positive lives and to get rid of the negativity that surrounds them.

Guided Meditation for Detachment From Over-Thinking (Anxiety / OCD / Depression)

Length: 5 minutes

Great for people who don’t know how to accept various situations and find themselves over-thinking everything they experience in their lives.

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Over-thinking can easily lead to depression, OCD and anxiety. This session of guided meditation can help alleviate some of the symptoms commonly seen in mental disorders or illnesses by encouraging a calm awareness of the breath, gentle detachment and conscious self acceptance.

Surrender Meditation, A Spoken Guided Meditation For Letting Go Of Control

Length: 35 minutes

Great for people who are afraid to let go of the things that have a negative impact on their lives and who struggle with the need of controlling every life situation they experience.

In order to live a peaceful, happy life, people need to learn how to accept the things they cannot control and how to let go of the things or people that affect their lives in a negative way. It is a hard process for most people, but this guided meditation allows people to release negative energy and to find ways to escape fears.

Guided Meditation For Insomnia, Sleepless Nights And Relaxation

Length: 1 hour

Great for people who struggle with insomnia, sleep deprivation and other problems that can lead to sleepless nights and the inability to fall into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Insomnia can be caused by many things from stress and anxiety to over-thinking and the inability to relax enough to fall asleep. In order to release the stress they may experience, people need rest. Insomnia can cause a lot of stress and even more serious health problems. This guided meditation helps people to calm down and to drift into a deep sleep.