The Four Types in Human Design

The Four Types in Human Design

Human design is not something that needs to be studied in order to be lived. However, learning more about it and the main featured principles can only be advantageous for people around the world. The Human Design System includes four specific types that we will analyze in detail: Generators, Manifestors, Reflectors and Projectors.

The main differences in their case is related to the featured aura. Each and every type in human design comes with a specific auric quality that highly influences the used strategy or the way that is considered correct in each and every case for navigating through life. Discover more below.

The Generator Type in Human Design

As far as studies have revealed, almost 70 percent of human beings are included in the generator type. How could you decide whether you are also part of this category or not? First of all, if what defines you the most is the sacral center of your existence, there is no need to further analyze yourself. You are definitely a generator type of person!

The main characteristic of generators in general is the way in which they manifest themselves in the working area. They are actually considered the great workers of our world. One downside in their case is that they can also get into the slavery category because they can easily engage in the same automatic activity day after day. If you need something done perfectly, a generator will do the job no matter what.

In case you have not heard of Sacral before, you should know that it represents a valuable energy generator. It gives people all the energy they need to get things done correctly. Living a life that is all about response is another characteristic feature in the case of people ranging in this category of human design.

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Generators are not really the kind of people who enjoy chasing after life but rather enjoy letting it come to them. Their aura is very powerful thus enabling everything necessary to come to them so that they might be able to fulfill their purpose each and every time.

The Manifestor Type in Human Design

This category includes a noticeably lower percentage of people. Only about 8 percent of the population can call themselves manifestors. What makes these people special? Well, they are the only type that is capable to initiate. These are considered the ones who rule the world or create laws meant for ruling purposes.

If you need someone ready to go out there and make things happen, a manifestor is the right choice. They are unstoppable forces that simply cannot be controlled. When there is something they want to achieve, they go get it no matter what or how they manage to do so. They feature a valuable potential to shape the world the way they envision it to be.

In terms of energetic levels, manifestors can have a great impact on people surrounding them. One downside in this case is the way of manifestation in the case of their aura. It cannot communicate with others easily and not as good as in the case of other types of human designs.

Strangely enough, their real secret of success still relies in their ability to communicate. If you learn to inform properly, you will reach the highest levels of existence as a manifestor. Otherwise, resistance will be encountered every step. This can lead you to give up on power and just get by in your life.

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The Reflector Type in Human Design

This is one rare very type of people in terms of human design. Only 1 percent of the population is said to be really part of this category. Their main valuable feature is their open centers. These are the people who are completely open to people surrounding them and the world in general.

If you are a reflector, you will often feel like being a mirror. The reflection of those surrounding you will constantly change your perception of life. You can experience extreme emotions and get out of feeling this way in just a few seconds.

The emotional shift is very fast in your case so if you are a reflector make sure you carefully choose the people you want to have around. They will play a very important role in your life, impacting your feelings every step of the way and changing your personal perception very often.

Finding themselves in places they like is a must for a complete reflector existence. Taking time to decide well and never allowing pressure to find place in their life are also major recommendations from spiritual masters.

The Projector Type in Human Design

22 percent of the population is said to be constituted by projectors. Their main feature is that they are not on Earth to work. They are here to get to know as much as possible about life and other people. These are great guiders in life and can have a great impact on other people’s lives.

Projectors never take initiative before being invited to do so. Waiting for an invitation is their main first step in life no matter whether we are considering the work experience or their personal relationships. However, once an invitation has been launched, projectors will offer all their gifts and guidance to those involved in the process.

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What might be considered an invitation in their case? Well, being noticed and appreciated for their values is a match here. Projectors have open centers that allows them to take on other people deeply from a spiritual point of view. They can see a clear image of those surrounding them and their aura is always focusing on what these people represent and how they can be recognized.

Each human being is special from a spiritual point of view. However, according to our general human design, we are all included in one of the main four types mentioned above. Analyze yourself from a spiritual perspective today and discover who you are so that you may learn how to live your life fully.

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