Ways to Make Cosmetics at Home

Natural cosmetic is always beneficial for the skin. It does not contain any harmful toxins and other chemicals that can damage your skin in anyway. In spite of the benefits of natural cosmetics, many people do not opt for it thinking it to be less effective.  However, this thinking is absolutely wrong. Natural cosmetics are as effective as any chemical based cosmetic product. Here are few ways on how you can make cosmetics at home.


How can you make your natural foundation

Take aloe vera gel, soy wax, almond oil and beeswax. Melt all these ingredients in any stainless steel utensil. Keep melting it on the flame until you see all the ingredients mixed properly.

Take off the mixture from the flame. Now mix it further with egg beater. If you do not have the egg beater, use fork for mixing the mixture.

Visit any beauty store that sells natural cosmetic products. There are several online beauty stores that also sell natural cosmetics. You can check out these stores too. Once you decide upon any store, buy products – skin care complex, concealer powder and rose water.


Add all the products to the mixture. Again beat the mixture well with a fork or egg beater. Keep the mixture under the fan to cool.


Transfer the mixture in any container (preferably plastic). Store the mixture in any cool place away from heat and sunlight. To increase the shelf like of the foundation, store it in the refrigerator. It will last upto 1 year.

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In case you want a dark shade foundation, use more of the base. Many people do not want to use a glossy foundation. If you are one of them then use more concealer in the foundation. Concealer will make the foundation matte in nature.


If you have oily skin, then use lemon juice in the foundation.


How can you make natural loose face powder

For making the powder you will need corn starch and potato starch. Grind both the starches separately in a mortar. Now mix both the powder in a jar and store it. Take a cotton ball to apply the powder on your face. For a foundation effect, use a moist cotton ball to apply the powder. If you have extra powder, you can use it to make your eyeshadow.


If you want you can also colour your face powder. Adding cinnamon to the powder is beneficial. It will make the powder more attractive and also benefit your skin.

Tip: as you add the cinnamon in the powder, keep testing the powder in your wrist. Check the shade. Once you get the desired warm shade, do not add cinnamon further. Cinnamon face powder will look especially good on fair skin. It will give the fair skin a warm glow.


How can you make eyeshadow

It is highly beneficial that you make natural eyeshadow for your eyes. For making the eyeshadow you will need your homemade face powder along with baking cocoa. Shake both of these ingredients together. You can apply it with eyeshadow brush.

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