Feng Shui Ideas For A More Prosperous 2021

Do you want a more prosperous year, one with success, wealth and money? If so, you can always take advantage of what Feng Shui has to offer. Proper Feng Shui in the office or at home will attract wealth when you actually desire it. You will need to always focus on the basics of Feng Shui. Make sure your home takes as much advantage of natural lighting options as possible. This is definitely important. Then, focus on the following money tips for a prosperous 2021.

Water Cures Offer Abundance

In absolutely all cultures water is a strong ancient abundance symbol. Using something like Feng Shui fountains will help you to attract brand new, fresh Chi and wealth. Alternatively, flowing water images can work when you do not have space for a fountain. Basically, all water images are great as an energizer. Water has to be moving and clear, image or not. Stay away from the ponds or quiet lakes. Flowing water is what you should go for. There are few things as relaxing as sipping your single malt whiskey near a flowing waterfall.

Taking Care Of The Money Area

Working with different Feng Shui bagua schools is possible but what is important is to focus efforts on the money area. Its energy should be well taken care of. Overall décor needs good Feng Shui colors, shapes, images and items. They have to express water elements and wood elements.

You can add a fire element since this energizes. After you define the money area, it is possible you will end up upset and you do not know why. In most cases it is because the money area is located in a truly challenging area like a garage or a laundry room. You want to not make this mistake. Choose a well-lit, large area for your money room.

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Feng Shui Wealth Cures

Your office and home should be decorated with wealth cures that would be appealing for you according to your style and taste. Many money cures are available in Feng Shui, ranging from modern to traditional. Do take your time and bring in the cure just when you are confident that you will like it and use it for wealth and abundance.

There are some Chinese traditional Feng Shui wealth/money cures like the Dragon Turtle, the Three Legged Toad, the Lucky Cat and the Gem Tree. They are not appealing for most modern men. You can always go for some that are more modern like the Money Tree, the Wealth Ship or the Lucky Bamboo. Just look at all available so you can choose some that will fit your home perfectly and that will make you feel comfortable.


Remember that all the Feng Shui applications, ranging from money to love and health, need to be completely genuine. This practically means you have to be patient and believe. Feng Shui is successful when you use it properly. It will surely help you out.