How To Choose The Perfect College Major

Most universities will want sophomores to choose a major at around the start of the second semester. This is because students when through different classes so they now should know what is more appealing. The problem is that this “should” is rarely to be read as “will”. Most students will not know what to choose and the pressure of making a decision that seems to be incredibly important will not make it easy.

You need to remember the fact that majors do have an influence on the job that you will need to apply for when school is over. However, the major does not completely influence your future. You can always use part time jobs, internships and various resume builders in order to change the approach that you take in the future. Even if you choose a bad major that you end up hating, it is not the end of the world.

What counts the most is being informed and choosing what seems to be the best option at the moment when you are faced with the necessity of making this decision. So many of us chose something and ended up doing something else in life. College is all about pursuing what you see as important at that point in time and learning how to adapt as perceptions change.

There are different options that are available for students that have problems in choosing college majors. We will go through those that are most effective at helping you decide.

choosing a major

Trusting Your Family And Friends!

Face It! You are subjective! You cannot know all your skills, strengths and weaknesses at this point in life. Your close friends and your family will be much more objective in pointing out what may or may not work for you. The problem is that sometimes the families might push you to choose something that they like.

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When talking to your friends and your family members you need to stay focused on finding out more about your skills and strengths. That is what can help you choose a suitable major.

Focus On The Industry, Not On The Job!

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question that hounds us. When we are little we want to become doctors, firemen, police officers and so on. When we see ourselves in the mirror at 30, we see that we are web designers, teachers, journalists and who knows what. The point is that aspirations change. Instead of staying focused on the job you will have after finishing school, how about looking at the entire industry?

As an example, you might want to be an architect and build incredible houses. After you choose the majors and you start learning, you might notice that you hate the math side of things. While you study, you might end up picking up journalism. This may lead you eventually to combining the things you live and you can start writing about architecture, trends, new homes and so on. Things change and you should not be afraid of choice. Always stay focused on the big picture instead of staying hooked on just one eventual job.

The Academic Advisor Is Your Friend

We all need to understand this. When I was young, this is the person that I never actually spoke with and I do regret this now. The college counselors and academic advisors have a lot of experience in helping students to understand what they actually want to do in the future. They will help the students to achieve goals and make correct choices in life. Remember that every single campus has what is known as the Student Services Department. Use it!

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Aim High But DO NOT Forget To Plan!

Following one’s dreams is not a bad idea. It is something that you have to do but you also need to have a plan in life. You can study what you actually love but you have to factor in applying for internships at the best companies and basically create some actionable goals for you. Some students do not hesitate when they look at the possible majors. However, improper planning in the future leads to bad decisions.

You can hear hundreds of stories about students that wanted to do something in life, studied hard and then ended up doing bad jobs because they couldn’t get the job that they wanted. Every single step that you take needs to be done at the proper time. It might sound like the world is a tough place and the truth is that it is. You can succeed but you have to be honest with yourself during all steps taken. Be honest when you choose your majors and be honest when you realize what you have to do in order to actually get the job that you dreamed about.

Do Not Hurry Your Decision!

Remember that a big decision always takes time. You need to weigh the pros and never forget about the cons. It is recommended to make a list, talk with campus advisors, family, friends and you can also consider the possibility of creating a major. If you do not know exactly what you want to be now, choose what seems to be the best choice. Simple double up on some things that you find of interest. You will eventually find your calling.

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Make Sure You Are Happy With Your Choice!

The major does determine what is to be studied as undergrads and will have an effect on your career. There are situations in which you might end up with a job that does not make a lot of money but the long run is highly attractive because it makes you happy. You know the saying that if you do something that you love you will never work a day in your life? Reality is not actually like that but it can be quite close. It is important that you do what you love in life. Consider that when you choose your major, especially in the event that you are confused and have no idea what to consider out of the available options.