Best gadgets for your travelling

Travelling is not only a good way to go abroad and learn something new but it’s one of the best options to have a rest as well. It doesn’t really matter if go on a road trip nor have a tour to another country. Today’s modern world gives us a good possibility to make a trip more enjoyable and memorable using different kinds of electronic devices.


Best travel gadgets


1 Camera

It is the necessary tool for taking photos at the time of travelling. Using a digital camera is the best way to make pictures of memorable travel events. It is also wonderful to look at such photos in several years and show them to friends and relatives. You can also use such pictures at the time of the decorating of your house.


2 Laptop


This electronic tool will provide the opportunity to be online at the time of travelling. You can also work on Microsoft Word files, watch movies or surf the Internet. If you need to take a laptop on your travels try to choose a small one. Laptop is also very good when you want to watch some movies or listen to the music.


3 USB power adapters

70W Ultra Slim Universal Laptop Power Adapter ...
sal Laptop Power Adapter with USB port (Photo credit: lvsuncathy)

All the gadgets will be useless without power. As many electronic devices are computer integrated and don’t require special charger nowadays you can use USB power adapters to extend the life of your gadget at the time of a long trip.

4 A Backseat Survival Kit

It is not an electronic device but it is the way out when you’re travelling with kids that need a lot of attention. A Backseat Survival Kit consists of a pens, pair of dice and a page activity pad. It is really helpful on a road trip when you must keep eyes on the road and look after the children at the same time.

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Nokia 6110 Navigator 的PAPAGO! GPS導航系統
Nokia 6110 Navigator 的PAPAGO! GPS導航系統 (Photo credit: theCarol)

5 GPS navigator

This useful device will help to determine the direction and to find the road you need. Modern kinds of navigation systems can be used by walkers or be clipped to a bike. It is necessary gadget not only when you don’t know the area you will go but when you want to find the shortest way either.


6 Media player

iPods (Photo credit: aeroppon)

If you like listen to the music or audio books this handy tool is for you. Some new models of media players provide such functions as reading books, watching video or record audio files. Media player is a good tool to spend time effectively at the time of long waiting for a flight or a train. You can also invisible earpiece MP3 player  that consists of wireless earpiece and the transmitter cable. This set can be also used with your mobile phone.


All the devices will be very useful at the time of your travelling and make it more enjoyable.

Author: Scarlett Clinker – You can find me on Google+.