Best Extreme Sports Destinations

Extreme sports are quite popular and are a great adrenaline rush. They are not for everyone, it takes a certain type of person to even get up enough courage to attempt some of these sports. Many extreme sports can only be done within certain conditions, and because of this, there particular destinations that are great for the best extreme sports.
Base Jumping in Lysefjord, Norway
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Base jumping is the sport of jumping off of an object that is stationary while wearing and using a parachute. The term base actually stands for the various objects that are used to jump from; buildings, antennas, spans which are bridges, and earth such as cliffs. Lysefjord in Norway is an ideal location for base jumpers.
Buildering in Boulder, Colorado
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Buildering is basically the opposite of base jumping. Rather than going to the top and jumping down, someone that is buildering will start at the bottom and climb their way to the top. This is similar to rock climbing or bouldering, but when buildering the person will climb a building, bridge, or similar type of structure. This sport is not something that many business owners or cities will allow to happen. This is what makes Boulder, Colorado a great place for buildering. The majority of the time the University of Colorado at Boulder will not stop the climber.
Whitewater Kayaking at Ocoee River, Tennessee
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Whitewater rafting is a popular sport and uses a large raft with multiple people in the raft to make their way down the river. Whitewater kayaking turns this sport up a notch. A kayak is used by one person to make their way down the river. Kayaks are easy to maneuver and can even be used to perform tricks. Other rivers can be used for whitewater kayaking, but you will get the best experience when on the Ocoee River in Tennessee.
Surfing in Waikiki, Hawaii
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Surfing is another great extreme sport. When surfing, a person will ride the waves by standing on a board that is specially made for surfing. Waikiki, Hawaii is a great place to surf. Surfing can be done in other countries and states that border the ocean. Some surfing has been done in lakes and seas when the conditions are right, but oceans are ideal and have the best conditions.
Rock Climbing in Ogawayama, Japan
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Rock climbing is the sport of climbing mountains and other rock formations. Special equipment is used when rock climbing and is necessary for the safety of the climber. A climber needs to have the skills, attention to what they are doing, and balance in order to ensure a safe and successful climb. This sport can be done anywhere that rocky type of mountains exist which is why Japan is an ideal location. Ogawayama, Japan in particular is a prime location to give a rock climber a challenge.
Cave Diving in Florida
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Cave diving is a sport that is similar to scuba diving, but the diving is done within caves under the water. Cave diving is not an easy sport to do, but for those that would like to try it, Florida is the place to go. Anywhere in the world where underwater caves are located will work though.
Jet Skiing in Florida
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Jet skiing is another popular extreme sport. A person will ride on a motorized jet ski on the open water. When riding on a jet ski, the rider is able to do a variety of tricks and jumps. Having the appropriate jet ski accessories are beneficial in this sport. Florida is a great location for jet skiing, but it is a sport that can be done wherever there is open water.
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