Who Is Baba Vanga And What Are Her Predictions?

Who Is Baba Vanga And What Are Her Predictions?

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The clairvoyant Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, known as Vanga, was born in 1911 and died in 1996. She became famous after more than 80% of her predictions came true. Baba Vanga found out that she could see the future since she was a child and she discovered a missing sheep from her father’s herd.

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At the age of twelve, she remained blind after an accident. When she reached maturity, Vanga predicted some of the most important moments in the history of mankind: The Second World War, the fall of communism and Stalin’s death.

Many of her predictions came true lately, besides the most common ones. She also predicted the invasion of Soviet Army in Prague in 1968, Perestroika, Chernobyl’s disaster, the victory of Boris Eltin, the attack on the 9/11, the catastrophe from Fukushima, the election of a black man in USA and her death’s day (11th August, 1996).

She was semi-literate. She didn’t write any books herself. All she did was to pass the information and other people captured what she said. As a result, later on many books about Vanga’s predictions started to appear.

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Other predictions she made for the future are:

  • 2014 – Most of the people will have skin cancer
  • 2018 – China will become the new world power
  • 2023 – Earth’s orbit will slightly change
  • 2025 – Europe will be empty
  • 2028 – A new source of energy will be developed. Hunger is not going to be a problem anymore
  • 2033 – The ice will melt. The level of the Ocean will be in permanent growth
  • 2046 – Cloning will be very accessible
  • 2076 – The world will be conquered by Communism
  • 2084 – The rebirth of nature
  • 2088 – A new disease will appear. People will get old in a few seconds
  • 2097 – This disease will be cured
  • 2100 – People will make an artificial sun that will light the dark side of the Planet
  • 2111 – Humans will become robots
  • 2125 – Hungary will catch signals from the space
  • 2154 – Animals become half humans
  • 2167 – A new religion will be created
  • 2170 – A great drought
  • 2187 – The eruption of two volcanoes will be successfully stopped
  • 2273 – A new human race will be born
  • 2288 – People will succeed to travel through time. New contacts with aliens will be developed
  • 2291 – The sun will get colder
  • 2304 – The moon’s mystery will be discovered
  • 2371 – Another great drought
  • 2480 – Earth will be in complete dark
  • 3005 – There will be a war on Mars
  • 3797 – There is no life on Terra left. People will manage to live on other planets from the Solar System.
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According to Baba Vanga, the world will only end in 5079, after mankind discovered a new universe and no one knows that to do (5076). In 5078, people will decide to leave the limits of the Universe, while many will be against this decision. She also said that in 4509 people will get to meet God, to be able to communicate with God and almost one hundred years later they will be immortal.

Are her predictions true? We can’t know this and we cannot take anything for granted. All I can say is that it is really creepy and I wouldn’t like to live like that. However, we can think about the negative effects that could happen if the decide to live in a certain way. We still have the power to create our future the way we want to. Let’s use it in our own advantage.

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