5 Must Have Health Apps

Nothing is better than having a healthy buddy motivate you to push your hardest with your diet and fitness life. Now you can get a digital one for cheap by finding out about these 5 top health apps for you. Make sure you know how to use them properly first.


Labels for your food

A lot of people have a hard time figuring out why they are not losing weight properly. Most of that is due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to food nutrients and ingredients. They often think that a cupcake is only 100 calories. The reality of the fact is that most cupcakes are 300 calories if they are not the healthy kind. There are new cupcakes that include vegetables in them which taste just as good. This might be beneficial to your diet plan. If you want an app that will help you figure out the calories and other important information in each food, get this app. It has more than 7,000 foods in it’s database to help you figure out what to eat. It can be a very valuable tool if you are always at the supermarket and don’t like to spend your whole day looking at labels on each food there.


Additives in food

This app can help you figure out which additives are in each type of food. It’s the perfect tool for the supermarket because you can choose healthier foods to help you on your diet. It is also useful if someone in your family suffers from an allergy that might be in certain foods. It also lists how the additives might affect you. This is a great way to stay away from bad food. The app does cost over $4 though. $4 is definitely worth it though if someone in your family suffers from allergies. You can’t put a price on an app that is as important as this one.

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Alcohol log

This app can help you keep track of how much alcohol you have in a given day. It can also tell you how much it can affect your weight. Bring this app along with you the next time you sit down at the bar. It can tell you the right time to quit. Make sure you tell your friends about this app as well. It can keep them safe when they are out drinking a few on the weekends as well. Think of it as a second conscience to help you out when you are having a good time at the bar scene.


Running buddy

This is a fantastic app to have if you are a runner. It can help you figure out new routes to take so you don’t get over-trained. A big mistake most runners make is by always running the same routes. This gives them no motivation and they can get burned out very easily. In addition to helping you plan your route, this app also tells you what and how much you should eat before your run. It’s a great idea to mirror your water and food intake to your run length time. If you run for an hour, drink water starting an hour before your run. Bring some along with you as well on your run. It’s a good idea to eat several hours before to avoid upset stomachs though. Eating a small breakfast and running after your breakfast is the ideal time to run for most people.


Yoga on the go

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This yoga app can help you practice your Yoga anywhere you go. If you have a lot of free space and time somewhere, just pull out this app and start doing your Yoga. It has over 27 poses to keep you busy for a long time. It has levels for every Yoga enthusiast. It also has various styles like Yoga for cardiovascular health. Make sure you find a soft mat to workout on though for the best results. Yoga is a great addition to any exercise regime and is great for your whole body and mind.


In conclusion, these are all great apps for any device you might have. You can get them fairly cheaply. Some will cost more than others because they will be of great quality and a lot of time and work went in to creating them for you.