3 Intriguing Ghost Sightings in the USA That Nobody Can Explain

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are paranormal phenomena in the world that cannot be explained by science. Ghost sightseeing is not unusual in the US and there are many intriguing encounters tourists and Americans reported while visiting some of the country’s landmarks. You may argue they fabricated the stories but when you listen to the legends and stories that surround those place you might change your mind especially since these tourists did not know the stories prior to their ghost sightseeing experience.

Ghost Sightseeing At The Hollywood Sign

A couple who visited the Hollywood sign in 1990 reported their dog who accompanied them on the trip began to act frantically when they approach the trail that leads to the famous Hollywood sign. However, the couple ignored the dog and they continued their walk down the trail until they saw a blond woman dressed in a 30s style dress. The woman looked scarred and disoriented so the couple decided to help her but when they approach her she vanished.

The confused couple told their story and they found out about Peg Entwhistle, a Broadway actress who committed suicide in 1932 when her chances of becoming a famous actress dried up after only one role.  Depressed and with no job, Peg Entwhistle announced her family she was going for a walk to the Hollywood sign. That was the last time anyone heard from her. She left a suicide note before she took the 50 feet free fall that ended her life.

Ghost Sightseeing At Alcatraz

The island of the famous federal prison is now a national park where ghost sightseeing is not uncommon. The park rangers stated they hear banjo playing sounds coming out of Al Capone’s room especially at the end of workdays when tourists are long gone.

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The prison had many famous inmates including Al Capone who was insane during his last years of life. Because he feared he will be killed by other prisoners, he asked permission to play banjo from his room instead of joining the other inmates in the yard during the weekly recreational day. Most people believe his ghost never left the island and that is why people can hear the sound of his banjo.

Ghost Sightseeing At the Golden Gate Bridge

The famous landmark in Francisco made his visitors witness some intriguing and inexplicable paranormal activity including one that does not involve a ghost in a human shape but a ghost ship. There have been many reports that stated an ancient ship passing under the bridge and disappearing into the fog.

According to the city’s documents, in 1853 S.S. Tennessee, a steamer ship aground off shore in a spot that is now named Tennessee Cove in the memory of the ship and of the people that lost their lives in the tragic incident that tore the ship apart. Luckily most of the passengers survived and were able to tell the tragic story of the ship that still wanders under the Golden Gate Bridge without showing up on any radars.