10 Spiritually Important Places To Visit In This Lifetime

A spiritual person feels the need to visit sacred places to feel more in touch with the divine power and to learn how to embrace life’s challenges with an open, peaceful mind. There are many spiritually important places people can visit in order to find inner peace. Churches, mosques, synagogues and even nature sacred sites. For those who want to discover new places where they can connect with the divine, we made a list of 10 spiritually important places to visit in a lifetime.

  1. Saut-d’Eau, Haiti

The Saut-d’Eau waterfalls is the place where Haitians and people from all over the world gather every summer to pray for healing and other favors they need in order to live their lives as connected with the divine as possible.

  1. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

This beautiful destination is a great place for those who love to deepen their relationship with nature and to find inner peace surrounded by nature’s wonders. This place was an ancient religious destination that, according to archeological evidence, is still filled with religious objects that can be found in the buildings of a Mayan city that submerged to the lake’s waters.

  1. Grotto of Massabielle, Lourdes, France

Lourdes is a pilgrimage destination since the 19th century after Virgin Mary appeared 18 times to a young girl in the grotto of Massabielle. Catholics from all over the world come in Lourdes to bathe in the grotto’s waters hoping for healing and miracles.

  1. Meteora, Greece

For those who like meditating in silence, this Greece spiritual destination is the best sacred destination. There are also 24 monasteries that can be visited in order to connect with the divine power.

  1. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia
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The beautiful cathedral is a symbol of the Russian culture and not only a spiritually important destination, but also a tourist destination due to the fascinating the colors and patterns that were used to decorate the cathedral.

  1. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is another magnificent sacred place. It is a place where local tribes come to pray for centuries, but Christians and other religious groups also embraced it as a spiritual destination.

  1. Mount Sinai, Egypt

Mount Sinai is the place where God revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses. This sacred mountain is a spiritual destination for Jews, Christians and Muslims who come here to pray for guidance.

  1. Sedona, Arizona

People believe vortex energy sites that can help inner healing are found in the area and that is why Sedona became an inner healing spot for New Age spirituality practitioners.

  1. Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

The Washington National Cathedral is open to all Americans and tourists no matter what religious confession they belong to. The Episcopal church hosts prayers for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

  1. Majorville Medicine Wheel, Canada

Majorville Medicine Wheel is located in Alberta, Canada and it is a spiritual place where people come to pray for healing. According to some archeologists the medicine wheel in Majorville is 5000 years old and the stones’ alignment mimic the movement of the heavens.