What Does Being In A ‘Zen State’ Really Mean?

We live in a challenging era in which stress seems to be that common thing that everyone deals with these days. We all know about it, we all deal with it but the real question is: can stress be seriously reduced so as to ensure a healthy lifestyle? Is the Zen state that we hear about very often actually real? Can anyone achieve it and what does it really mean? These are the questions we are determined to find answers for today. Read below to discover them and learn how to achieve your own Zen state that might take you on the road to success sooner than you think.

What Is This Zen State?

From a first look online, we discovered that the Zen state can actually come from everything: the pleasure of writing, designing, making a business plan, discovering new food recipes and much more. Moreover, people seem to have developed a strong belief that anything that gives you the chance to relax and keep your mind at ease can be considered as a new way of achieving the Zen state.

Common Beliefs

The common belief is also that by doing something that you love you will never actually feel like working but rather enjoy a healthy working lifestyle that is never separated from your personal life. Working with pleasure while also having a perfect personal life seems to create that perfect balance that helps people feel more relaxed and enjoy life as it goes.

Setting the Record Straight

All of the above mentioned common beliefs sound really great and actually play an important role for us when establishing a lifestyle. However, a Zen state is actually much more than this and definitely not a habit, a state of simple peace nor the perfect destination. Furthermore, the real Zen state is not something that can just be achieved over night nor is it something like just living the moment and feeling happy for a little while.

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The Real, Traditional Meaning of the Zen State

The actual traditional meaning of Zen is a wisdom custom that has strong, remarkable cultural and historic roots. It represents the path to full awakening meant to help you embrace the original nature. This is always present in our life right here and now. Zen is actually considered by spiritualists as the perfect essence of wisdom perfectly combined with compassion which embodies only in those great minds that manage to achieve perfect spiritual awakening. The Zen state is nothing new as many would like to establish but rather comes way back from the time of Buddha.

The Modern Definition of the Zen State

What is really new is the meaning that each and every person attributes to this traditional term for describing a healthy lifestyle. We may not all be spiritual masters but we can all control our mind if we want to. Tricking your mind to leave stress behind and focus on beautiful things that help us relax and feel good about ourselves may just be the modern definition of our own personal Zen state. Can this actually help us in life? Yes, it can and it will. Let’s see how.

Let Go of Things that You Cannot Control

We are all some sort of control freaks when it comes to things that we consider highly important in our life. There is nothing wrong with being highly-organized and in control of things in life but nothing should be taken to extremes. When we stress about everything all the time we will never feel like being in control of anything and this will only mean never being able to actually be happy. If the modern definition of Zen also means letting go of things that cannot be controlled and which are harmful for us, we should definitely embrace it. It can only bring positive things and feelings into our new life.

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Always Focus on the Bigger Picture

Each and every person in this world has experienced at least one situation in which it simply could not seem to be able to let go of stressful, small details either at work or at home. Details are important, no one can deny it. But is it really worth living life through small details? Spiritualists say no to this. They recommend us to always focus on the bigger picture in our life. Why? Because putting things into perspective can actually help all of us balance the new way in which we perceive life. If this can bring happiness into our life, then why should we not consider it our new modern definition of personal Zen?

Constant Focus on Positive Things

When you work in a stressful environment thinking positive might seem impossible to do. What spiritual masters say is that we do not have to live in a positive environment all the time to be able to keep our thoughts clean and worth thinking. Of course, when something like a bad workplace seems to take over us the clear recommendation is to make changes. However, until we can establish these new things in our life, we can pursue a constant positive strategy thinking. The recommendation is to simply focus on positive things all the time, no matter what might happen around you and your life will change. We highly fancy this new definition of Zen because we believe that every one of us should be the masters of our own mind. This is the real road to change, freedom and true happiness in life.

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Create Your Own Zen State

All in all, the traditional meaning of Zen is more likely related to those few people around the world who actually manage to become spiritual masters. We may not be one of them but we can really become a new person taking control on his/her life through a personal Zen state that keeps us strong. Let’s just appreciate the wonderful journey of life and focus on things that really matter. Dealing with feelings and facts in a positive manner can only bring great new things in our life and we are actually allowed to live a happy life in our own constant Zen state.