Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening

A whiter smile can improve your self-confidence. Teeth whitening is usually done in the dentist office. There are kits you can buy to whiten your teeth at home. Laser bleaching is a popular method of whitening the teeth used by cosmetic dentists. There are kits you can use to whiten your teeth at home, but these kits are not as effective as the methods used by professional dentists.

Regular Dental Visits
According to the American Dental Association, you should have a dental examination before attempting to whiten your teeth at home. Your dentist will obtain a health and dental history and evaluate whether you are a candidate for teeth whitening. There are a variety of causes of tooth discoloration. It can be caused by injury, aging, smoking or certain medications. Toothpastes that contain teeth-whitening ingredients can remove only surface stains.

Teeth Whitening Methods
In order to remove difficult stains, bleaching agents must be used. There are various methods of teeth whitening treatments that can be done in the dental office. Trays that you take home from your dental office may or may not be effective. Their effective rate will depend on the severity of your stains. One popular method used in the dental office is applying a bleaching agent to the teeth and using light to accelerate the whitening agents.

This method takes approximately one hour. Consider making an appointment to consult with your dental office to see if you are a candidate for this whitening treatment. People who have gum sensitivity issues or sensitive roots may not be a candidate for this procedure. Once you have your teeth whitened, you should take care to avoid discoloring them in the future. Brush your teeth after every meal.

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Preventing Stains
If you drink coffee, tea or smoke, you may want to brush your teeth more often. Drinking deep red wines can also cause stains on your teeth. Preventing stains on your teeth can make your whitening procedure last longer. You may choose to take home a bleaching kit recommended by your dental office. These kits can be an effective way to remove stains. You must follow the directions completely in order for it to be effective.

Laser Whitening Method
Consider the laser method for teeth whitening if you have a lot of discoloration and stains. The take-home bleach whitening kits cost less than the laser method of bleaching. Before you decide to use teeth whitening strips at home, you should understand the limits of their effectiveness. These kits contain low levels of peroxide that may not remove the stains on your teeth. A visit to a professional dental office is recommended for the best results.

Make an appointment to discuss the whitening options available to you. Follow all instructions from the dental office before, during and after your whitening treatments. Take good care of your teeth and visit your dental office regularly. A brighter smile can make you feel and look better than ever. Know your options and choose your treatment plan wisely. A beautiful smile can be yours in a short amount of time.