What is the Latest Rage in Web Technology?

Mobile phone usage is almost exploding; people are skipping the large PCs and laptops and showering all attention to the small yet sleek and smart mobile phones for internet usage. This user behaviour has prodded mobile app developers to brush up and sharpen their skills to the max; keeping up with user expectation is driving them to deliver the best. Out of the 1.2 billion phones sold last year, 174 million were smart phones.  Nokia, Apple, Symbian, and RIM are competing fiercely to be at the top, and every company has their USP when it comes to smart phones.

Screen Size

IPhones top the charts due to their smart screens. Large screens typical of smart phones make it easier for users to find and locate information. So, it won’t be wrong to say that iPhones are the kings or aces in the race of smart phones. Android users are, nevertheless, more than ever nowadays, and with the increasing number of useful and lovely applications available through Google Play, this comes as no surprise. The Apple app store is the leader today and quite unbeatable. When it comes to flexibility to modify some of the core applications, Android applications win hands down. IPhones do not grant that feature. With so many exciting features offered by different smart phone companies, users are constantly waiting for newer models and version of these to hit the market. The iPhone 5 is the current rage, and everyone’s going gaga over it! The Samsung Galaxy S4 has really enthralled people.

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Web Design
Widows Web Fractal by Joy Shrader

Need for Innovation

In the year 2013, many new developments are bound to take place, and users are yet to witness them. 2011 and 2012 were just the tip of iceberg they saw. App developer uk must be prompt to cash in on the increasing demands of users. Keeping a sharp eye on consumer needs and on the competitor projects will make them come up with something unique and useful at the same time. Innovations must be focused on when there are so many companies striving to deliver their best.

Improving and Enriching User Experience

With social networking grabbing centre stage in people’s lives, mobile app developers need to step into the users’ shoes and think out of the box. There is a need to design the web technologies in such a way that minimizes the junk or the unnecessary features and retain only the best. Improving user experience on a continual basis by surveying them and obtaining feedback is critical to sustain in the industry. Even a tiny flaw can be converted into an award-winning breakthrough mobile web app design idea. All you need is to be alert to the dynamic rate of changes happening around and optimize them to the max.