Weird Paranormal Phenomena in the US

Weird Paranormal Phenomena in the US

The word paranormal is generally used to refer to things or experiences that occur outside the range of things considered usual or ordinary. They are therefore strange and are not easily explained by just anyone or through science which uses observations, empirical data, formulae and other ordained methods to conceptualize and actually establish laws and the order of things in the universe.

Therefore we can solemnly deduce that the existence of paranormal phenomena is not supported by science and scientific explanations. Folklore, legends, religion and other traditionally steered subjects at times refer to paranormal phenomena as part of what they are rooted in. These may include ghosts and spiritual entities, extraterrestrial beings, weird psychological behavior and other such concepts.

The Rolling Hills Asylum

The Rolling Hills Asylum

This property is found in East Bethany, New York. It is believed to be a plethora of paranormal activity marked by slamming doors, shadowy disembodied people and voices of elderly women calling out ‘hello’ and phantoms.  The property was established in 1827 and over 1700 bodies are buried around the place in unmarked graves.

The people who lived there over the years when it functioned as a hospital, an asylum and a nursing home are believed to haunt the place down because for most of them it is the only home they ever knew. They are said to poke people, to kill rats by breaking their necks, to slam doors and anything they can do to establish their haunting presence.

UFO sighting Colorado Springs

UFO sighting Colorado Springs

In November 2008, Obama was still President Elect and giving an important speech in Colorado. An interesting and mysterious video was filmed by MSNBC and later a person watching the video pointed out an unusual object flying in the sky in the background.

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This was not noticed by the original cameraman when he was filming. It was not spotted by the human eye that day but it is claimed that cameras can catch things that the human eye cannot because they have special lenses.

Cryptic Carcass in Paradis, Louisiana

3rd February 2007, a quarter past two in the morning. A man happened to be driving by an accident scene near Paradis when he noticed an accident. Two police vehicles were on scene parked next to a strange looking large animal that looked like a mixture of many different animals with a golden camel-head.

There was also a large nicely dressed man next to a red Mustang which was badly damaged and shadowy. The man took pictures but no people seem to appear in the picture. The animal appears as well as the Mustang. No report about this incidence has been made in any police stations around the place either but the police on patrol duty that night can corroborate this story.

Mutilated Farm Animals in Colorado

In the 20th century there have been many incidences in which ranchers woke up in the morning to cows badly mutilated and internal organs ripped out or udders taken. Buffaloes were also reported to have been mutilated as well as other farm animals. The strange thing is that there would be no blood on the animals or on the ground.

A recent case was reported near River Purgatoire in 2009 where a cow was mutilated and udders taken then two weeks later another rancher from Walsenburg reported the same. The udders looked like they had been cut off by laser. Yet another farmer reported a dead calf. When he cut off its hide the legs just fell off and all its bones were broken.

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These are thought to be experiments of extraterrestrial beings and Colorado is especially famous for these activities and UFO sightings.

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