Wedding Thank You Note Faux Pas To Steer Clear Of

Once all the dust have settled down, you and your spouse are expected to promptly acknowledge all the gifts you’ve received with hand-written thank you notes. After all, every person that spend the time to search for the perfect present or helped both of you with the wedding plans did the task with thoughtfulness. It is only fitting that your thank you’s should reflect how grateful you truly are.

Coming up with wording that genuinely expresses your gratitude can be a bit difficult, though. What makes the task even more challenging is that it’s easy to make a mistake that may offend the receiver. If you are to tackle this final wedding task, do so with great confidence and be sure not to commit any of these missteps.

Mixing up the names

Even if you have numerous guests during the wedding, it is not an excuse to mix up their names or spell their names wrong when writing down those thank you notes. So when you are sorting your gifts, keep the gift cards and write down the type of present every person gave. To avoid spelling the names wrong, go back to your master invitation or contact a family member or friend who can provide you with the right spelling.

Writing an all-too-common message

Each thank you note should sound personal and sincere, so avoid using a common phrase like “thank you for your generous gift,” which is something everyone sees in a greeting card. It will not reflect your personal appreciation nor demonstrate adequate effort. Instead, customize your notes by mentioning something specific about the gifts and how you will use them. You can also tell something personal about the giver and your relationship with that person. Doing this will show that you have taken the time to carefully craft your message to honor the generosity of your guests.

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Overlooking the children

If you’ve received a gift from a family with kids, do not forget to include the names of the children in the thank you note. If, for instance, the thank you card only indicates “…and family” or the like, take the time to call a parent or friend to get the names of the children correctly. It will also be preferable to write personalized thank you notes for the ring bearer and flower girls since they played an important role in your wedding.

Indicating the cash value

Some of your guests likely handed out cash instead of the usual presents. In such case, it is a big no-no to indicate the cash amount in your note. Rather than doing that, thank them for the support and time they have given. You can also tell them how you intend to use their gift, such as for a special getaway with your spouse or as a down payment for your dream home.

Inconsistent cards

When making thank you notes, it is important to maintain consistency. If you will be enclosing wedding portraits, do so in all the notes and not only to those who were able to give expensive gifts or large cash value.

Going paperless

Sure, electronic thank you cards have nice images and they make it easier to write a note and send out to guests. However, electronic thank you notes can get lost or they may be filtered as spam. Nevertheless, they do not have a personal touch. Avoid taking the easy route. Devote a few nights writing thank you cards. This is a fine gesture that shows you took the time to come up with well-thought messages for your guests.

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