Two Weeks Body Makeover

Don’t worry this is not about silly food deprivation.  Juice detoxes might sound familiar to you as a way to lose weight. But a “liquid lunch” to be honest with its green color too, sounds appalling. But we surmise our hesitation and gulp it up through gritted teeth for vanity’s sake.   But are you aware that a small modification in your current diet is just as effective as juice detox?  Eating actual food will sustain your body to undergo strenuous exercise since it still has stored energy from the food you eat. We know the fact that we cannot survive relying on vegetable juice alone. Our body needs protein and fat. Without them our body will suffer dire consequence – significant hair loss, dizziness blood sugar spikes, and headaches.  Ladies, we can shed off several pounds but we will do it in a less sadistic way. Read on!

 Eat right!

  • Trade soda for water.Soda or cola’s carbonation causes our stomach to be bloated plus the fact that they are loaded with lots of sugar (artificial sweeteners). White bread, pasta, red meant, processed foods are major fat offenders.
  • Instead of white bread and white rice, substitute it with healthy options like brown rice and wheat bread.  Totally depriving your body with carbohydrates is wrong as it is your body’s main source of energy, without carbohydrates, our body will burn muscle for energy.
  • Substitute coffee with green tea and make dandelion greens the main ingredient in your salad. Both are natural diuretics. Instead of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage that causes bloating asparagus celery and cucumbers makes the perfect alternatives.
  • Be wary of the size of food we eat. Portion size is the key to lose weight. One trick is to use smaller plates. A small portion of food in a smaller plate will make you feel more satisfied.
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Firm up

Women overtire themselves during workout in order to burn more calories, but the key to lose those excess pounds can be achieved by changing your exercise routine more often and increasing the intensity, not the duration. Doing the same routine exercise will hinder your body to achieve better results.  Incorporating strength training into your exercise routine, will boosts your lazing metabolism. Hiring a trainer or joining a fitness class will help keep driven and motivated.

Vanish Cellulite

Probably one of women’s detested skin condition is the formation of cellulites. Affecting more than 80% of the women population, cellulite does not discriminate body type and race.  No surgery fat loss is good option for women who are afraid of incision and needles.  Example of this is CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ, it is a cutting edge technology that is completely non-invasive and requires no downtime.  Another cellulite treatment that is currently making waves is Cellulaze, a laser treatment that is minimally-invasive with an impressive patient satisfaction rate of 93%.  Both anti cellulite treatments are Food and Drug Administration approved.