A trip to the volcanic Island of Santorini

The unique volcanic setting of Santorini is an ideal holiday destination, thanks to its magnificent views, traditional Cycladic houses, unearthly beaches and interesting archaeological sites. Although, Santorini is mostly visited by lovebirds that want to seal their love with a kiss at the time the red-hot sun is setting into the Aegean Sea, there are still more this small paradise has to offer!


Sights and attractions

Santorini’s villages – Definitely pay a visit to the different settlements and villages of Santorini, such as Oia which is perched on the cliffs of Caldera overlooking the sea. If you wish to watch the renowned sunset of Santorini, take your seat on the cliffs and hold your significant other’s hand for utterly emotional moments. To get the whole picture though, you should also visit Santorini’s inland, where the true pulse of the locals beat. Go to the traditional wine village of Megalochori, 5km away from the main town, Fira, and travel back in time staying in one of the Santorini Villas and Mansions once housing old wineries.


Santorini villages
By Mstyslav Chernov [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Archaeological Site of Akrotiri – The settlement of Akrotiri is considered to be a Minoan colony which was destroyed by the violent 17th century BC earthquake, as most of the settlements in Santorini. Thanks to the recent renovations the site is now completed shaded and even friendlier to visitors.


Archaeological Site of Akrotiri
By Klearchos Kapoutsis under CC BY 2.0


The settlement of Ancient Thira in Mesa Vouno – Located in the southeast of Santorini, Ancient Thira is the island’s jewel. The settlement includes Hellenistic and Roman period structures, as well as an amphitheater dated back around the 3rd or 4th BC century.

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Ancient Thira in Mesa Vouno
Via wikimedia.org



Prehistoric Museum of Thira – It is one the most important museums in Greece hosting exhibits of Cycladic art, as well as 17th BC century fossils and findings from excavations at Akrotiri.


Prehistoric museum and Ypapanti cathedral
Via commons.wikimedia.org


Archaeological Museum of Fira – To further satisfy the history buff inside you, visit the Archaeological museum and admire exhibits form the Archaic, Roman, Geometric and Hellenistic period.


Volcanic Island, Santorini
By David Spender under CC BY 2.0


The volcanic islet of Nea KameniLocated in the centre of Caldera, the islet is one of the most popular attractions in Santorini accessible only by boat. You can reach the crater of the volcano and also swim in the existing thermal baths.

Amazing beaches to swim

Vlychada Beach Imposing rocks curved by the air and sea stand right above the beach, creating a truly lunar landscape for a relaxing day on the beach. There is also a beach bar perched on the rocks for delicious food and drink. This is one of the beaches in Santorini you should definetly visit.


Vlychada Beach
By Daniel Duce under CC BY 2.0



Perivolos Beach The amazing beach bars and restaurants lining this black sandy beach, along with the plethora of sun beds and umbrellas, surely cater for a dream-like day on the beach.


Perivolos Beach
By Klearchos Kapoutsis under CC BY 2.0



Red Beach Surrounded by red rocks, this unusual beach offers an isolated and peaceful setting for sunbathing and swimming in crystal clear waters. You’d better bring your own beach equipment though and there are only few sun beds and umbrellas here; however you’ll find a small canteen for basic food and drink.

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Santorini Red Beach
By magnipier under CC BY 2.0


White Beach Right next to the Red Beach, this little cove with the whitewashed pebbles and transparent waters can only be reached by boat from its neighboring beach, thus creating an ideal setting for a lovely day at the seashore.


Kamari Beach - Santorini
By Simon Q under CC BY 2.0


Kamari Beach Perfectly organized with a plethora of sun beds and beach umbrellas, Kamari is filled with a great selection of cafeterias and restaurants. As it is also close to the site of Ancient Thira, Kamari combines both culture and fun!

Beautiful and multifaceted Santorini always fabs and amazes no matter what!

By Zoe Mouchritsa