Travelling With A Personal Guide: Best Travel Apps For You Smartphone

Travelling is a way of life. It is a necessity for some people who have strong cravings for something new. And over the past century, mankind has created many ways to make travelling easier. From the coal powered steamboat to the gas propelled 747, no country or destination seems to be out of reach. It’s only a matter of time before the human race conquers the unexplored reaches of the globe and exposes the true beauty of our planet.   Lately smartphones have been the latest trend in travelling. the makers of these extremely essential and reliable gadgets were kind enough to spend some time developing programs that would aid the frequent traveler in many ways. Not only can they pinpoint a destination, they can make dinner and airline ticket reservations as well. Sound impossible? Well if you’re a traveler who owns a smartphone haven’t heard about these new slick licks, then you are missing out on life. Below are the best travelling apps for smartphones available today. Based on experience, I can guarantee that it’ll make your vacation less time consuming and easier.


Urbanspoon is very useful in finding restaurants and diners in unfamiliar places. It scans the closest food places in your current area with just one shake of your smartphone. Also you can make reservations and see what restaurants your friends like. This is definitely a great help for travelling businessmen and families.


Having trouble finding internet connection for your smartphone during a trip in another country? Well be troubled no more! Triposo is a travel guide app for smartphones that can work offline. It is updated with info of more than 50 countries and cities plus has a currency converter and a weather report system.

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Visiting the UK? Well then Hailo, a taxi finding and calling application for smartphones is the best app to have. This unique feature can track taxis near you and calculate how far and how long it’ll take for the cab to get to your location. Payment for the taxi can be either in cash or card. Also Hailo is now available in Toronto, Dublin, Chicago and Boston.


This app may be the most famous and most utilized travel application since it most people love to take pictures and upload them ASAP. Plus this simple application lets you retrace where you have been through global pinpointers via GPS.


Lastly, what’s better than an up to date currency guide right? None! XE currency gives you live and daily accurate changes in world currency. This is very useful for travelling especially for travelers and businessmen who visits different countries on a regular basis. It also comes with a calculator and a save function for offline use as well.


Enjoying what the world has to offer has its benefits and risks and we have the power to make sure that we enjoy every bit of it safely. Countless applications still await us in the future but for now, let us utilize the best in the market for a safe and fun filled travel.