Travelling to Canada via Corporate Immigration

Travelling to Canada via Corporate Immigration

Canada is a vast country with an abundance of natural resources. This is a strong foundation for setting up industries and businesses.


Understanding Corporate Immigration

The Corporate Immigration process is hampered to some extent with Canada’s dearth of population, skilled enough to take advantage of this. That is why the Canadian government has come up with immigration policies that help to get skilled and experienced immigrants who can help to boost the Canadian economy. This makes it possible for companies to help employees enjoy Canada’s beautiful sights and sounds.


Get the Right Help When Needing Corporate Immigration

Immigrating to Canada is immensely popular with people who want to increase their prospects while living in better conditions. The country has remarkably good health care, education and other social services that can be of enormous help. Skilled and qualified people will always find opportunities in this country with its wide base of economic activities, from farming, industries, high tech areas and others. It is best to look at the services of skilled and experienced immigration lawyers in Canada when looking to move for business reasons.

While immigrating in the three business categories is possible, it is also sometimes a need for corporations in other parts of the world who need to do business in Canada, to look for help in getting immigrants into the country. This is where these experienced firms can significantly help to understand the immigration rules and find ways of getting in staff with the least amount of hassle. Many corporates require working in Canada on a temporary basis and need to bring in their staff or other experts to run or complete the project that they have contracted to do.

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By palindrome6996 under CC BY 2.0 license
By palindrome6996 under CC BY 2.0 license


Business visitors to Canada do not have to have a work permit, which other immigrants will need to have. Such visitors must have documentary proof that their remuneration is not through Canadian sources. Corporates may also need to register as a Canadian business if they are planning to expand their business into this country.
Business Immigration Policies of the Canadian Government

Entry into Canada through the corporate immigration policy can come through a number of categories specially designed for businesses and corporates. They can enter as:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self employed

The investor must be worth at least CA$800,000 and should be able to invest CA$400,000 in a venture that is run by Canadian citizens. He or she requires having managerial experience that can be utilized by the venture that is being invested in. The invested amount can be reclaimed after five years, without any interest. To qualify as an entrepreneur immigrant a person has to be worth at least CA$300,000 and must be prepared to purchase a business that can support the immigrant and his or her family. They must also be in a position to offer jobs to Canadian citizens in the business they have invested in.

For a self-employed immigrant under this business category, the applicant must prove that they are able to support themselves and their dependents with any income that they get from any of their own ventures, be it in sports, artistic pursuits or farming.



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