Top 5 Sites To Find And Send Funny Valentines Day Cards

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you need to start thinking about what Valentines Day cards to send out. Some of you may want to say that they love someone while others will just want to ask someone out for Valentine’s Day. There are even people that just want to send something funny. No matter what your reasoning is, there is a huge possibility that you will find what you look for on one of the following sites.

Valentines Day Cards
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  1. 123 Greetings

123 Greetings is one of the oldest free virtual cards sites on the internet and it is still the strongest. Its selection is huge and the Valentines Day cards that are prepared for this year are definitely elaborate. Some of them have funny messages while others are truly romantic. Make sure that you also check out other categories on the site since some of the best cards for this occasion may be those that do not actually mention the day.

  1. EGreetings

The competition between 123 Greetings and EGreetings was always huge. We can say that some of the cards prepared by the site for Valentines Day are really great, especially the romantic ones. The only reason why this site is number two in our top is that there are more funny selections with 123 Greetings.

  1. American Greetings

Don’t let the name fool you. You can send funny Valentines Day cards even if you are not from USA. This site has quite an interesting selection and you can always go for other options if you do not particularly like the funny ones.

  1. Fun Punch
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This is a site that is practically specialized on fun ecards. There is a very interesting Valentines selection here and the great thing about it is that you can personalize them with pictures of either you or the receiver. Such an approach is definitely different than the regular cards we usually find all around the internet.

  1. DGreetings

There is no list of funny Valentines Day cards published on the site but you can definitely check out the Love Section to see some that are available. If all the sites above fail, this is one backup that you will want to have.

Create Your Very Own Funny Valentines Day Cards

This is also an option that you have to take into account. There are some websites out there that help you even if you do not have the graphical knowledge to use professional editing software.

Two of the generators that we warmly recommend for all those looking for some funny Valentines Day cards are offered by:

Make sure that you take a look at all the sites we recommended right now. That is because you want to be sure that you choose a great Valentine’s Day card. You can always send it right now and it will be delivered on the exact date and hour that you want it to. This is one of the advantages of sending an online card for Valentines.