Top 5 Devices for People On the Go

With today’s busy world, most jobs include some sort of traveling. For anyone in sales, marketing, or any other business-related field, you can’t afford to be separated from your clients and your business while traveling. Although it’s hard to recreate an office while on the road, there are some top devices that can make traveling and staying connected much easier. If you’re a busy person, these are the top 5 devices for people “on-the-go” you can consider and find in many online e-tailers like Newegg or Amazon.


1. GPS System: One of the more important tools that travelers may need is a reliable GPS system. However, this can depend on your traveling method. If a good amount of driving is required for your travels, then a GPS is going to be one of the best tools for you. Be sure to choose one that has free map updates as this can save a lot of time and money in the long run. On the other hand, if you travel primarily by plane, a GPS probably would not be as useful, but can still be a great tool to bring on trips where any type of driving is going to be involved.

2. Smartphone: Smartphones have taken the world by storm and almost everyone has some type of smartphone albeit an iPhone 5, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, you name it. With these handy devices, you can access email, browse the web, make and receive calls, and stay connected to your friends, family, and business all in one easy handheld device. Although the small size of a smartphone may limit you somewhat, these handy devices have been listed as the traveler’s best tool.

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3. Adaptor: For international travelers, they can’t stress how important adaptors are. This small tool can be easily included in luggage, and a basic wall adaptor can be used in outlets around the world. If you find yourself traveling globally, a travel adaptor is one of the easiest gadgets to find. When purchasing an adaptor, be sure to choose one that can be converted or used in at least three countries– and will be able to work for major types of electrical outlets.

4. Ultrabook: For travelers that like having a more substantial computer, the ultra-slim ultrabooks are a great choice. These slim and small computers are a great tool to carry around. They have the same features of a computer, but are slim enough to fit into a small bag or purse and have a long-lasting battery life. In addition, the keyboard makes it a perfect tool for typing documents or writing emails—a feature iPads and smartphones just cannot compete. Overall, ultrabooks offer travelers more options and easy access to many computer functions that smaller handheld devices lack.

5. E-reader: Our last suggested tool would have to be an e-reader. Whether you go with the newest Windows RT Tablet which can be used as an e-reader or a kindle, or a nook, these are great ways to keep up with books, magazines, and newspapers while on the road. Furthermore, these are fairly inexpensive, especially for basic version e-reader which typically span under $100. They’re also handy because you can practically fit a library’s worth of books all in one small handheld tablet. If you’re an avid reader, this is a great tool for you to take when traveling.

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The next time you head out on a trip, be sure to bring one of these top five devices.

Author: Courtney Lee – Follow him on Google+.