Top 13 Tourist Hotspots In New Jersey

Are you looking forward to spending your upcoming holidays at New Jersey? Make sure that you check out the tourist destinations mentioned in this article.


The state of New Jersey is one of the most visually pleasing ones in the United States. If you are planning a trip to there, you will have plenty of picturesque places to feast your eyes on. In the present article, we will highlight thirteen of the most popular tourist hotspots in New Jersey:


1.The Liberty State Park – Tourists often hire exotic rental cars in NJ, and make a beeline for this beautiful park. You will be able to enjoy enthralling views of the Statue of Liberty (hence the name of the park) from over here. The constant fun and laughter among the kids present on the park would also appeal to you. A relaxed stroll at this park would enable you to soak in the true spirit of the place.


2.The Pole Position Raceway – Have a thing for go-karting? You will surely find the provisions at this place much to your liking. Located at only a short distance from Manhattan, this Raceway boasts of a number of smooth and exciting racetracks. Take out a day to visit this place, and impress one and all with your blazing speed!


3. The Beneduce Vineyards – If you wish to get an in-depth insight into the process in which wine is manufactured, this vineyard should feature in your list of ‘places-to-visit’. Most drivers of exotic rental cars in NJ are familiar with this place – ruling out probable problems in commuting. You can also register at the Winemaking Club here. Lively music enhances the ambiance of this place further.

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English: Inside Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg...
English: Inside Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4. The Sterling Hill Mining Museum – Mining exhibits of a wide range are put on show at this famous museum. You can enroll for an underground guided tour at this museum, and be amazed at the rich mineral reserves over here. You can even catch glimpses of different mining tools, like drilling machines and blast furnaces. The historical value of this museum is immense, and it is definitely worth a visit.



Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey
Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


5. Liberty Science Center – If you are traveling with your little kid, a trip to the Liberty Science Center would be both enjoyable, as well as instructive. All the exhibits are arranged in a systematic manner at the Center, with pertinent information about them also provided. Both for people with a scientific bent of mind, as well as general tourists – the Liberty Science Center holds out manifold attractions.


6. The Borgata – New Jersey is no Vegas – but there are plenty of happening casinos here too. The Borgata, near the Southern Shore, is probably the best one in the state. Spend an evening at this lively place, gamble a bit, have a couple of drinks, and enjoy the foot-tapping music. You will love the experience!



Longshore Sailing School (editor note: Which l...
Longshore Sailing School (editor note: Which location?) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


7. The Offshore Sailing School – You might be moving about in chic, exotic rental cars in NJ – but that does not mean you cannot add some sailing magic to your visit over here. At this school, you will be able to pick up valuable sailing tips and advice. Veteran sailors are present here, for guiding the tourists. You might set sail on a boat, after a few days – and that will be an experience for the keeps!

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8. The Cape May cruise line – A wide range of cruise packages are on offer for tourists, at Cape May. You will love seeing the dolphins and whales at this place, while the sheer experience of going on a cruise would be an exciting one too. If you are on a family vacation in Jersey, this place should definitely feature in your travel itinerary.


on the prowl (shark 12543)
on the prowl (shark 12543) (Photo credit: ehoyer)


9. The Jenkinson’s Aquarium – Love the sight of a large number of cute, waddling penguins? Make sure that you visit the enchanting Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Apart from the penguins, you will also witness many types of sharks and seals at this place. Informative workshops and displays are organized regularly over here too. You will also love the coral reefs at this aquarium.


northlandz valley
northlandz valley (Photo credit: leff)


10. Northlandz – Beautifully designed, miniature rail tracks are displayed at the Northlandz, in New Jersey. You will marvel at the intricate detailing that has gone into its preparation. The sample railroad here is indeed a tribute to the designer responsible for preparing it.


11. The Camdens Children’s Garden – If your little kid is accompanying you on your trip to NJ, you simply have to visit this place. The scenic beauties of the garden are considerable, and a series of exciting games are organized for the little visitors here.


12. The Avanti Day Resort – Pamper yourself during your trip to New Jersey, by spending a day at this luxurious spa treatment center. The concierge and general hospitality services at the resort are world-class, and treatment sessions for both men and women are organized here. The sheer architectural splendor of the resort deserves a special mention as well. If you wish to live it up during your stay in this state, visiting the Avanti Day resort is as important as hiring exotic rental cars in NJ.

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13. The Ed’s Exchange – If you feel that a vacation is incomplete without some heavy-duty shopping, take out time for visiting Ed’s Exchange. You will find vendors selling a wide range of products, at this bustling marketplace. Check out the items on offer, and buy a few souvenirs. If you would be staying in New Jersey for a month or so, you can also purchase necessary supplies from this place.


Apart from the above, the 9/11 Memorial, the Colgate Clock, and the Horse Sleigh Farm also enjoy considerable popularity as grand tourist attractions in New Jersey. Make arrangements for exotic rental cars in NJ, and plan your travel itinerary well. You will love seeing the sights of this lovely state!