Top 10 Sporty Things To Do In Miami

Top 10 Sporty Things To Do In Miami

There are a bevy of activities that anyone can do in Miami, but for those who want to get their pulses up or go out into the open fresh air, here are a few choices that may be best for you.

1) Snorkeling and scuba diving. The number of coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks in the south Florida area makes it easy to find a charter in Miami that will take you out onto the open ocean and let you see the treasures of the sea.

2) Hiking around the Everglades. Located only about half an hour from the city center of Miami, this national park is the only rainforest in the entire United States and contains some of the most beautiful examples of wildlife the country has to offer. Keep on the lookout for alligators as well as saltwater crocodiles.

3) Charter a fishing boat. Challenge yourself against the trophy fish of the open ocean like marlins, tarpon, grouper, and tuna. Get out onto the waves and see if you can get sharks or true trophies.

4) Go salsa dancing. As the epicenter of hispanic culture in the US, Miami lets you get down to the zesty beats of Central and South American music. Sweat away your tensions on the dance floor and impress everyone around you.

5) Take in a game. There are many professional sports teams in Miami, including the championship Heat and resurgent Dolphins. If you want to cool down a bit, go to a Panthers ice hockey game. On a cool, calm day, relax at the ballpark with the Marlins baseball team.

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6) Cruise the swamps. Renting a sailboat is a great way to investigate the inland swamps of Florida. These estuaries are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world, with more species of birds in a single mile than in the entirety of some northern states.

7) Get a sports car. With highways that allow for top speeds of eighty miles an hour, investigating Miami and southern Florida yourself is never better than with an open-top sports car that can push seven thousand revolutions per minute.

8) Surf the surf. Though the waves are not as highly regarded as those in California, the tides in Miami routinely bring in large waves that surfers can test their skills against. Once you are done, comb the beaches for driftwood and seashells.

9) Try skydiving. If you are on vacation, why not do something totally out of the ordinary? Extreme sports like skydiving are quite popular in Miami due to the large population and the need to blow off steam. Drop out of a plane on a beautiful Florida day and drink in the scenery before you pull the chute.

10) Race around the block. Horse racing is becoming increasingly popular at Miami, with many different stadiums and racing tracks. The Cuban population of the city have long ties into horse racing with many families competing for the crown titles each year with their racing stallions and mares.



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