Top 10 Latest Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Search Engine Optimization is making your website to be more visible on search engine searches like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are a variety of techniques that are implemented by most website owners to increase search engine rankings Here, I’m presenting a few of them to you.

1)      Presenting informative content: There is no substitute for filling your web pages with the content which is very relevant to what the users would be looking for. Beside this, several websites would come forward to provide a backlink or accept it if they believe that you have the unique and most relevant information on your website. This further helps the search engine ranking of your web site go up.

2)      Research on the key words: Search on the internet for the most common keywords that your target customers are using and looking for. Zero-on the best ones and use them in your web pages.

3)      Content format and usage of keywords: Keep in mind that it is only the web pages, but not the websites that the search engines rank. So, please fill each page with relevant content and good keywords. Use keywords in a variety of places like image titles, page titles, web links, etc. Do not repeat them in every page as this will make your content to be considered as spam by engines.

4)      Dynamic Content: Do not stick to particular keywords blindly only because they worked for a particular span of time. Research continuously, as the search trends change rapidly, like the social ones search engines do have updates in it frequently.

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5)      Advertise on Social Media: Create a profile for your business and allow people who like it to follow and share it. Use pictures of your products followed by beautiful content to lure the visitors to your site.

6)       Design a smooth page-to-page Connectivity: Ensure that the visitors move from page to page with minimum effort and ensure that they find relevant and intelligible content. This brings more traffic even to the sparsely visited areas of your web site.

7)      Maximum number of links pointing to your site: The Google Page Rank algorithm considers many parameters to rank a page, but one of the main constraints is the number of links that point to your web site. There are several directory sites where your web site can be submitted. Also, if you own a blog, you can create links not only for your web sites, but also for others from whom you can get your pages pointed to as an exchange of favour.

8)      Creating a sitemap: A site map makes the navigation of your web site easy. Place a link for it from where the visitors can find all the pages in a hierarchical manner.

9)      Keep Track of the Statistics: Constantly keep an eye on several stats like number of visitors, popular pages in your site, backlinks, visitors from a particular platform, bowser, etc.

10)  A good ‘About’ page: Any visitor who visits your site for the first time will be curious to know what exactly you offer in your web site. So, create a solid ‘About’ page then clearly describe all other contents and also the purpose of your web site.

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