Tips To Use Twitter For Ensuring Greater Business Recognition

A smart, user-friendly business website is not all that you need to have, for promoting your products/services on the online space. To connect with a large number of users, your business simply must be represented on the various social media channels too. Convenient two-way communication is one of the prime reasons behind the growing importance of these websites, in the world of business. In this article, we will focus on how you can use Twitter to generate greater recognition for your business:

a)      Create short, crisp ‘tweets’ – Researches have shown that, ‘tweets’ that are less than 100 characters in length enjoy greater engagement from readers/followers. Yes, you have a maximum of 140 characters for every tweet, but you need not use them all!

b)     Place the twitter widget on your website – Your ‘tweets’ might be the most informative ever, but what if the website visitors have no chance of navigating to your Twitter profile? Make sure that inclusion of the Twitter widget (along with the other social media widgets) forms a part of your web design & development plans. By the same token, people should also be able to browse back from your Twitter profile to the main website. Click here for tips on inserting social media widgets on your website.

c)      Tweet at regular intervals right through the day – Posting a tweet is almost like sharing a piece of breaking news. Hire the services of a professional, who would be in charge of tweeting about various news and updates related to your business, at regular intervals. The tweets, however, should not be posted too often (unless, of course, you have a news agency of your own). You can use ‘tweet-scheduler’ applications (e.g., HootSuite) to schedule tweets during the non-office hours too. Find out more about tweet-schedulers here.

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d)     Use the ‘#’ and the ‘@’ tags – Twitter allows you to highlight words and phrases with the ‘#’ tag, and you need to make good use of it. Place this highlighting symbol before the names of your company, brands and products/services, whenever you use them in your tweets. Similarly, you can interact with your business partners and clients directly, by using the ‘reply’ (‘@’) tag. You also need to be conversant with the different URL-shortening applications. Social media integaration is, after all, meant for more interpersonal communication.

e)      Compose tweets which would go viral – Unless your Twitter posts stoke the interest of viewers, the channel will hardly be able to complement even your best website design plans. Think up relevant tweets that would have high chances of being re-tweeted by your ‘followers’. Just like getting ‘likes’ on Facebook posts, having ‘retweets’ on Twitter is equivalent to positive word-of-mouth publicity.

f)       Think beyond text tweets – How many times have you seen your rival businesses, as well as individual users, post images in their tweets? Take a leaf out of their books, and use pictures and videos judiciously in the posts that you publish right through the day. Visually acquainting the visitors to your products/services would always work to your advantage!

g)      Find out whom to follow – Growing the total number of followers is definitely one of the prime objectives of having a Twitter profile for business, but it should never be your only target. You also need to determine the people/business profiles that you would follow. Apart from your regular business partners and stakeholders, you can also find out people/companies who have excelled in your line of business, and follow them. The total numbrer of people you are ‘following’ should never be higher than your number of ‘followers’.

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h)      Keep track of the ‘trending’ topics – Your website development plans have to be in keeping with the tastes and interests of the intended visitors, and the Twitter account should be managed in a same way as well. Find out which topics/products related to your industry are ‘trending’ high on Twitter, and compose your tweets accordingly.

Practically all types of business-related information can be conveyed via Twitter. Chalk out your website design in a way that the live tweets are visible to the website visitors too. Twitter can serve as a powerful new-age business marketing tool – you only need to know how to use it best!

Author: Kenneth Parkar – Follow him on Google+.