Thanksgiving Games for Children

Thanksgiving Games for Children

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For adults thanksgiving is all about giving thanks to the things that are important in life and having a quiet day with the family. For children, it is almost impossible to understand what this day is all about. They naturally want to have fun while playing thanksgiving games. When there are a lot of family members around, we are faced with many situations in which they would not enjoy themselves.

Interesting Thanksgiving Games

In order to keep children entertained and teach them what Thanksgiving is all about, we can basically plan some games that would make the entire experience more memorable. The games are usually fun for adults too as they get in touch with the joyful side of things.

Let us consider 2 thanksgiving games that you might want to play.


Chopsticks Dexterity Game


Chopsticks Dexterity as one of the Thanksgiving Games
By Marc Majcher under CC BY-SA 2.0


This game is also known as Chopsticks Pass-Along and it can be quite a lot of fun for kids and even for adults. You can use the game to fill the time that appears between the courses. You will need acorn, chopsticks, an unshelled walnut, a cranberry, a plate and a pea.

Every participant needs chopsticks. Place the acorn, cranberry, pea and walnut on a plate right next to the oldest of all the players. The chopsticks have to be used to pass the objects around. The natural order is largest to smallest. Passing happens from left to right. The person to the right needs to receive the object from you and give it to the next participant.

If you drop the item, you have to start from the beginning. If the children cannot use chopsticks, teaspoons can also be used. This is especially useful if the children are too young and let’s face it! It is tough to use chopsticks even as an adult. You can, of course, improvise with the items that would be passed along.

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The Wall Football Game

This is quite an interesting twist of the Pin The Tail On The Donkey child’s game. You will need to have a blindfold, a set of poster tacks, white paint marker, card stocks and a poster board. Create the goal post with the use of poster boards. The crossbar and the uprights have to be 20 inches long and your post will be 6 inches tall. Poster tack is used in order to attach the poster board to the wall.

Create footballs out of card stocks. You can easily find some scrapbook supplies at the local craft stores if you want the stocks to look like leather. White paint market can be used to decorate your footballs and add the names of the children.

The gameplay starts with one player that stands away from goal at a distance of around 6 feet. He/she is blindfolded, spun around and then set loose. The purpose is to stick the football right between uprights. You are not allowed to reach out with the empty hand so that you can feel walls. A number of points is awarded for every goal and you play as many rounds as you want. The highest score always wins.


crazy kids at Thanksgiving
By fivehanks under CC BY 2.0

Children Need To Have Fun

This is what counts the most at the end of the day. The 2 thanksgiving games that we mentioned above are a lot of fun and they can even be played by adults, although the main focus is to keep children entertained. You can also play others. Try to find something that is enjoyed by all possible participants. If you have some ideas, comment below and let everyone know.

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