Why Bring Out the Stationary Bike?

Long before the many monstrous exercise machines of today, the stationary bike was a very popular piece of workout equipment. It was so popular that chances are you have one stashed away in your attic or basement. If you’re thinking of getting back into shape, then now is the perfect time to bring out this classic … Read more

Sports Warehouse can Help you Find the Exact Equipment

Are you a sports lover and are completely engrossed in the sports activities? Then you must definitely be in need of the sports equipment that helps you perform well on the field. In the current market, you will easily come across with some of the shops that offer a huge range of equipments and tools … Read more

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is a perfect low-impact aerobic exercise for all age groups and fitness level people. It’s one of the cheapest and fun activities that are hard to consider an exercise as usually people adopt it as fun. What is better than exercising with fun? There are a number of health benefits related with cycling. It … Read more

Two Weeks Body Makeover

Don’t worry this is not about silly food deprivation.  Juice detoxes might sound familiar to you as a way to lose weight. But a “liquid lunch” to be honest with its green color too, sounds appalling. But we surmise our hesitation and gulp it up through gritted teeth for vanity’s sake.   But are you aware … Read more

Best Exercises for Speed up Your Weight Loss

If you’re finally ready to shed those stubborn 20, 30 or 40 pounds, several activities can help you achieve your weight loss goals. But with so many varieties of exercises, you might question the best routine for weight loss. Exercise is great for the body and it’s the perfect way to stay fit and improve … Read more

Health is wealth

Health is wealth. There is a proverb that sound health is the prerequisite of happy life. To maintain a sound health every one knows they should follow some make small changes to their daily lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle leaves you fitter, stronger, with more energy and also reduces the risk of diseases. Your choices determine … Read more

Awesome Tips to Make Your Treadmill Runs Effective

Many gym goers rely on the treadmill for their cardio workout. Unfortunately, not all of them know how to use the machine properly. Here are some tips to make yours effective. Warm up Running at full speed as soon as you step on a treadmill overworks cold muscles, making your run harder than it actually … Read more

5 useful tips for reducing stress

Stress related illnesses are, by far, the number one reason for visiting a doctor. Their advice to avoid stress seems laughable in today’s frantically paced existence, but with the correct diet, exercise and a few minor adjustments to our normal routine it is possible to greatly reduce or, possibly, eliminate a condition that is known … Read more

The Key To Staying Hydrated When You’re Cycling

Making sure your body is properly hydrated when taking part in any form of sport or exercise is very important, both in terms of safety and performance. You’ll lose fluid through your pores from sweating as your body attempts to cool itself down, and also through the air that you’re breathing out as you exert … Read more

Old School Training: Super Squats For Massive Gains

Old school training methods that are still used today are done so for a simple reason; they work. For decades people have been touting the idea of using breathing squats to increase overall body mass for the simple fact that it has and will work. So if you can gain so much mass in a … Read more