Keep Your Office Spic and Span

If you own an office, you must be proud of it. Oh, so you are not? You ventured into this business thinking that it will take off well, and yes, it did for a while, but then it suddenly experienced a slump? And you kept on wondering what the reason was. You hired the best … Read more

How to make your work space comfortable

Whether you are working from home, or have an uncomfortable desk job, this article will help you make your workspace more comfortable. The key is to match comfort with productivity. For example – lying in bed with a laptop on your knee is too far in favor of comfort, whereas sitting on a stool in … Read more

Reduce Turnover, Increase Productivity

Any human resource manager knows that it costs money to hire new employees, and a high turnover rate can be a profit busting problem. Meanwhile, the employees that managed to stay are losing their productivity and planning their own exit strategy. Here are some actionable steps any business of any size can take to reduce … Read more

The 5 Main Benefits to Doing Your Own Repair Work at Home

Many people shy away from DIY, whether through a lack of knowledge or from a fear that they will mess up the work. It is definitely something you will want to learn well before starting. Once you are comfortable with the jobs needing done what benefits can doing them bring to you? Save Money The … Read more

Would you like to make your business more effective?

Every businessperson is eager to make their own business the most powerful and the most effective in the world. Some of them are rather lucky achieving it and the others earn little money in spite of all the attempts to improve the every single process going in the company. So, as you can see, our … Read more

Will A Flat Rate Pension Affect You?

Keeping Up With the Government’s New Pension The government’s current “White Paper,” outlining the new single tier plan, is expected to affect different age groups in a number of ways. People who are already receiving a pension will see no changes at all. If you qualified for the “Sepr,” then your payments will continue as … Read more

GPS Tracking – How It Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

In the business world, embracing technology may be the difference between success and failure in your chosen field. In some businesses, there are many different technological advancements that could help boost your profitability and help you run more efficiently. One technology in particular that can help many businesses is GPS tracking. How can GPS tracking … Read more

How does Payroll help you?

Congratulations! You’ve got your first ‘proper’ job. You’re probably excited but nervous at the same time at the prospect of your new-found employment. There will be a lot to learn, but also a wealth of opportunity. Who knows, one day you might be a director of this company? Your new employer will probably, if they … Read more