Production is lot more than invention

3D animation is a modern innovation that can be utilized in a variety of methods. You can use it in films, videos, video games, presentations etc. the modern animation techniques allows a person to bring his creative vision to life. There is hardly anything that cannot be visualized these days. 3D animation is more detailed, … Read more

The concept of visuals in the modern media

The process of pre- visualization can be observed during the pre production stage of movies, videos, games etc. often it is confused with the pre production stage itself. But that would be a wrong thing to do. Pre-production is covers all related aspects including the technical areas. On the other hand the process of pre … Read more

Know more about graphical world and storyboarding

What is storyboarding? Storyboarding is a very useful tool that is used in the fields of advertising, animation, filmmaking etc. To people who do not know about it, storyboarding process will seem a very difficult exercise. But to those who are in the film or television production industry storyboarding plays an important role. It helps … Read more

Enter the world of animation with powerful effects

Animation has been around for a few decades now, but 3D animation is comparatively a new phenomenon. But within a short time it has been able to have a profound impact. 3D animation is an advanced piece of technology. At the same time it is very dynamic and flexible. As a result 3D animation has … Read more