Surprising Your Valentine day with Home makeover!

Thursday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day and nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful gift, not even the words themselves. There must be plenty of commercials touting expensive cards and jewelry that are confusing your mind. But don’t you think you have had enough of these cards, chocolates and teddy bears. Why not try something more thoughtful this Valentine’s day? Why not let something different come in between the arrows and cupid. Something different like home makeover! Sounds like a great idea, isn’t it? This way you can make your home holiday ready or may be ready for a valentine party.

Your putting in some extra efforts might make this day special forever. Are you still in a fix about how to make your house look amazing? To help inspire you this Valentine’s Day, here are some good home decor ideas which will be definitely loved by your loved one.

  • Clean up everything: The first thing is to clean up the house and make it look sparkling clean. For that you’ll first have to de-clutter. De-cluttering not necessarily mean that you have to throw the outdated stuff. You can sell it or if you want to keep your priced possessions safe you can always store them with storage solutions. Go for storage solutions which are reliable, affordable and experienced like Household storage solutionsAfter you are done with de-cluttering, you can rearrange the things in a brand new way.
  • Spruce up your chandelier: Most of you must be having a chandelier hanging awfully in your kitchen or over the dining table. It is often full of dust and is often ignored. You can give it a vintage look by wrapping laces and ribbons around it. At the end of ribbons you can hang valentine cards and hearts. You can even make a floral chandelier by using different beautiful flowers. When it’ll be lightened with candles, it will surely look amazing in dark.
  • Romanticize your bedroom: Roses are red violets are blue and trust us this time blue can make it too. Yes indeed, decorating your bedroom with blue walls, combination of ocean blue bed sheets and curtains can also be very romantic. Beautiful candle stand with fragrant candles will add on to the romantic room. Scented Candles flickering against beautifully painted walls can serve many proposes.
  •  Romantic dining: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” a famous saying goes like this. This holds pretty true for every kind of man. Make his favorite delicacy, make it a candle light dinner and he’ll love you more than anyone. Decorate the all the Chandeliers with scented candles and dress beautifully. If you have separate dining rooms then change the outlook completely. You can decorate the room with his favorite colors. He will definitely love all the decorations.
Valentine’s Day should be a perfect one for the man of your life. Try and make it a bit different this year by decorating your home so that you can make it a memorable one for the rest of your life.
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