Why The Smells of Winter Can Be So Inspiring

Inspiration can come from so many different things in life so it should be no surprise to see the fact that it can also come from winter. This is a season when so many masterpieces are created because inspiration does tend to come much faster. It can be due to various different reasons but the following are some you may want to take into account. If you are interested in why the smells of winter can be so inspiring, just think about the following.

Family Memories

Winter is a time of celebration that is often connected with some sort of holiday, like Christmas. Families connect with each other so it memories come up in discussions. As you remember some happy things from your life you can easily find some inspiration because of feeling more relaxed. Most people will tell you that inspiration often comes when you are relaxed. Because of this it makes a lot of sense that you will find more inspiration during winter than in other seasons.

The Landscape

Winter landscape is completely different than anything else. It presents its pure bone structure and has an associated loneliness, a clear winter feeling. Many do not find inspiration in the quiet, pleasant and beautiful things in life. Some will see beauty in this winter landscape and inspiration will quickly come because of that. It is something you surely felt at least once in your life. Didn’t you just look at a forest during winter and felt that everything around you is calm, relaxing, with inspiration hitting you to do different things? If not, just travel to such a forest and you may be surprise to see how special this is, totally different than what we are used to.

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Winter has its very own unique scents. As you walk through the streets you will see that in an instant. Besides the outdoors, there are also some scents that you are going to instantly notice changing indoors. How about some pumpkin pies, spruce, gingerbread, cinnamon and nutmeg? Scents can easily bring us inspiration when we lack it. Some will tell you, for instance, they found inspiration as they smelled some hot cocoa next to them in a restaurant. What better time to smell hot cocoa than winter?


Winter smells tend to remain the same every single year, creating consistency and building a great setting for relaxation. At the same time, you can experiment and all the new smells that you encounter, for instance during cooking with new ingredients, will jumpstart your entire inspirational process.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to argue with the fact that inspiration often comes from smell and winter is one of those seasons that surround us with smells without even realizing that this is the case. We associate winter scenery with dead landscapes but even those have a specific, unique aura around them.

Do not be afraid to walk into restaurants, parks and accept invitations to family dinners, especially if you feel that you lack inspiration. You are going to be surprised of how you will find something new inside you, something that will make you feel better.