Simple Ideas For A Greener Valentine’s Day

If you truly enjoy green living, you should never make compromises. There are always options that are available for you. This includes Valentine’s Day, one holiday that has various clichés attached to it. You are told that you need to buy some things and some specific cards. This is definitely not the case. You can have a truly green Valentine’s Day and the best thing about it is that it will definitely be cheaper than what you initially thought.

An average consumer ends up spending around one hundred dollars during Valentine’s Day and the total sales amount reaches $14 billion. We can highlight many different stats and it is a shame to see that everything ends up adding up. Conventional flowers grown with the use of toxic pesticides and substandard chocolate harvesting in a toxic environment are just 2 examples of the damage that this trend causes.

Greener Valentine’s Day

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Opt For Eco Sexy Lingerie

Such a thing does exist and it is a shame that most people from around the world do not know about it. Think about the fabric that is used and try to go for those that are truly green. You will quickly find different hot options available so if you think about lingerie, make sure that it is eco-friendly as such a possibility does exist.

Offer Organic Flowers

Do your part and protect the atmosphere by giving organic Valentine’s Day gifts. This includes organic flowers. There are different stores on the internet that are specialized in something like this. Just make sure that the items you are about to buy are truly organic. Fair trade flowers are also great options. If your girlfriend is particularly interested in protecting nature, you can even end up planting a tree together. That would surely end up being a memorable and different Valentine’s Day.

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Choose Organic Chocolate

Although it is a little more expensive than what you regularly find in shops, organic and fair trade candy or chocolate is very tasty. It is a guarantee that she will love what you chose so instead of just opting for her favorites, choose something organic that is similar in taste.

Organic Wine

A romantic dinner is nothing without a bottle of red or white wine. That is totally obvious and you surely want everything to be as romantic as possible. The problem is that most wines out there include a lot of chemicals. Go for those that are organic. Your day will be greener and you will definitely appreciate the taste. It is a shame to notice that most people did not try organic wine. It is simply perfect.

Buy Eco Jewelry

This would be quite difficult to locate in regular brick and mortar jewelry stores. Your best bet is to look online on some of the different websites specialized in such options. Contrary to popular belief, most eco-friendly jewelry is beautiful and it is a lot cheaper than the alternative.

All those mentioned above are simple suggestions that you can take into account this Valentine’s Day. You will definitely love everything and you can find other options like soy candles if you just plan everything way in advance. Look at all the options that are available and choose the green way.