What Is So Scary About Valentine’s Day?

We need to face the truth and admit the fact that Valentine’s Day is a little scary. For those that are in love and have relationships there is the fear that the choices made will hurt the relationship. For those that do not have a date, everything is depressing since people all around them will celebrate love while they will feel alone. No matter what side of the fence you are on, it is a guarantee that you will feel a little scared.


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People change. We cannot do anything about that. Valentine’s Day never changes. It remains the same. Advertising completely changed the way we look at February 14th and modern culture puts an extra pressure due to the romantic kitsch that is added.

Television, magazines and movies all advertise the idea of romantic love. Valentine’s Day is perpetuated by anyone that could sell something and the goal is to influence people to buy some things. The problem is that in many cases we end up thinking that the more we love someone, the more we need to spend to show that. That is what is very bad and such a belief system can easily lead towards various different mistakes and the relationship can actually be damaged.

Valentine’s Day is basically perfect for those people that are in the early stage of a relationship. Those little extras offered by the holiday can spice things up. However, as years pass, it is a guarantee that a mature couple will end up wanting to opt out of the extravaganza associated with the event. Why is that?

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We get used to what love is all about: the two people involved and what they feel. You do not need Valentine’s Day to celebrate the love that you have for someone. Mature couples understand this. However, this does not mean that it is a bad idea to at least do something during Valentine’s. It is bad to just let everything slide away because of the influence that everything around you has on your relationship. Just plan something simple with the person you love. Choose activities based on what you both like. Some flowers never heard and chocolate is actually perfect for both the man and the woman.

Valentine’s Day is basically scary because of what our expectations are. We have to see it as just another day in the year but a day in which we have a date. What we would normally do on a date is exactly what we should focus on. Also, when thinking about the complimentary gift, remember that on a date you usually do take flowers with you anyway. Just opt for a small, symbolic gift that showcases the stage at which you are in your relationship. You need to focus on what you feel and what you do instead of how to plan a perfect day/night for your Valentine. This will help you relax and we guarantee that you will feel better! The entire experience will be better and your love will grow stronger.