Saliva Shortage and Plaque Removal

Saliva is of great importance for our oral health. It possesses a feature of food particles removal, helps to avoid infection and tooth decay, wash plaque away. But saliva won’t do all the work instead of you. You should keep oral hygiene and remove plaque by brushing and flossing twice a day. We don’t think of saliva’s positive influence on our mouth and teeth health till facing the problem of dry mouth.

According to dentists, xerostomia (dry mouth) may be caused by following conditions:

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Cancer treatments. Radiation therapy that is usually associated with the treatment of different cancer types can provoke dry mouth. Some other meds for cancer treating can also cause xerostomia.

Chronic illness.  Dry mouth can be contributed by such diseases as HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s and Diabetes.

Nerve damage.  If your neck or head injured in some cases it can damage nerves related to saliva production.

Prescription medications.  Medicine possessing high blood pressure and antidepressants also can promote the condition of dry mouth. If your mouth seems to be dry during taking meds, pay significant attention to flossing and brushing.


Dry tongue, chapped lips, feeling of burning mouth, difficulties in chewing, speaking, swallowing or eating – all these are the common symptoms of xerostomia.

One of the researches proved that early identification of dry mouth among the older adults could prevent tooth decay and severe gum diseases. People at age have to pay strict attention to oral health by regular flossing. In some cases they need electric or disposable flosser instead of using the simple one.

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Sjogren’s Syndrome – an autoimmune disease common to older persons is characterized by dry mouth and dry eyes as well. It is unclear what exactly provokes this condition. Even having lifelong proper oral hygiene, men and women confront with it. So if you suffering from Sjogren’s Syndrome pay particular attention to dry mouth.

Findings of the research showed that Sjogren’s can lead to tooth loss and tooth decay because of changes in saliva composition and saliva shortage.

The best method for dry mouth is still proper oral hygiene. But if the cause of the condition is a serious illness or medicine simple water during a day may help you. You may also try sugar-free chewing gums and hard candies; it helps to promote proper saliva flow. Avoid alcohol intake and smoking; it influences the amount of secreting saliva and lead to chronic xerostomia.

Keep in mind, none of these recommendations wouldn’t work without oral health care. Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, regularly floss the teeth to remove plaque and food particles and visit your dentist to consult or to have professional teeth, gums and mouth cavity cleaning. These are the best ways to prevent dry mouth condition as well as lots of other dental ones.