Sailing and Water Sports in Santorini

Santorini’s rugged beauty and deep blue Aegean Sea create an utterly dramatic and exciting setting for an adventurous getaway in this volcanic Greek island. For those of you seeking a multifaceted holiday, Santorini has it all. You can either unwind in a luxurious suite overlooking the vastness of the sea, such as the sumptuous properties of Art Maisons, offering guests all the high standard amenities and services of a boutique property; or benefit from all the energizing activities available around the island.


Via Flickr
Via Flickr


Thanks to its plethora of organized beaches, visitors in Santorini are lucky enough to get the chance to try out a great selection of water sports for beginners and advanced funs alike!

To start with, in the longest shores of Santorini, such as the black-sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa you can find water ski facilities to slalom through the crystal clear waters of Santorini; jet skis to top up your adrenaline and a variety of less demanding and more entertaining amenities, including banana or donut rides for ultimate fun.

Moreover, thanks to the prevailing northeastern winds, Santorini is also ideal for more athletic activities. For those of you eagerly want to master the salty waves, test their resistance to the sea wind or even see the sunbathing crowds from above; surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing feature among the top choices on the whole of the island. You can either bring your own equipment or hire some from the beach. If you are not experienced in these kind of sports, but still thrilled to see others showing off their skills, then visit any of the seafront water sports schools, where professional instructors will teach you all the right techniques. Scuba diving also holds a special place on the island! Due to its volcanic nature Santorini boasts a sea bed rich in beauty and underwater attractions. Choose one of the many diving schools and safely start your diving sessions on site!

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However, if you are more of an earthy type, then you’ll be happy to know that on most beaches you can find volley or soccer facilities for some extra fun with your friends. What’s more, as an alternative to jet skis and water skiing, you can rent a pedalo and explore the rocky formations surrounding your beach.

Last but not least there is sailing! If your wish to discover the surrounding beauty of Santorini in comfort and style then opt for a private cruise with your friends or significant other and sail around the charming coastline of Santorini. Soak up that all important sun and sea on board your top-notch yacht and enjoy your lunch or even romantic dinner, literary in the middle of the sea! Art Maisons’ Blue Pearl can take you on a private cruise around the Aegean islands or sail you around Santorini during the magical sunset.

Summer in Santorini could never be boring. Restless or more relaxed holiday types will bump into their paradise here! This summer Santorini is waiting for you to discover its many hidden graces!