The Role of the Phases of The Moon in Weight Loss

Can The Moon Influence Weight Loss?

The alignment of the Moon, Sun and Earth that occurs during a Full Moon cause changes in the atmospheric pressure and movement of the water in the Earth’s rivers and oceans. According to the International Federation of Phyto and Aromatherapy, Full Moon also has an effect on human’s metabolism enabling people to remove the toxins and fat from the body faster and easier.

Lunar Cycles

The lunar cycles have a direct impact on our health, our emotions, and our overall state of mind tend to change during Full Moon, but the influence of the Moon does not stop here; there are studies that show how, during Full Moon, patients who undergo heart surgery have better surviving rates but also less time spent in the hospital during the recovery period.

It is also believed that women have a stronger connection with the moon due to their menstrual cycles. In some points during the menstrual cycle, fluid retention can occur and, even though, not all women are at the same point in their menstrual cycle when Full Moon occurs, it is believed that the werewolf diet, or the lunar diet, can help them lose weight.

What Is The Werewolf Or Lunar Diet?

The werewolf or lunar diet can help people to expel toxins from the body, stimulating the process of lipolysis (the process of decomposition of fat stored in the cells in our bodies), helping the organism to absorb nutrients by supporting the enzymes in our bodies.

The werewolf diet is a type of detox diet that cleans the intestines of toxins, allowing people to lose weight and excess water from the body. Women might be able to see better results than men, however this diet is good for both sexes.

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Moon Diet Plans

People who want to lose weight should know that there are two moon diet plans they can follow. Both plans include liquid cleanse that not only help them lose weight but also reduce cravings. The liquid cleanse can be done during Full Moon, New Moon or the beginning of a moon phase.

The Basic Moon Diet Plan

This diet plan is simple and easy to follow – all people have to do in order to lose excess liquid from their bodies is to consume only water and juices during Full Moon or New Moon. It is recommended to consume liquids known for their diuretic properties, such as spring or mineral water, green tea and fresh juices made at home from fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Extended Moon Diet Plan

As opposed to the basic moon diet plan that covers only one phase of the moon, the Full Moon or the New Moon, the extended plan covers all phases of the moon including the waning phase and waxing phase. This plan has three different steps.

The first step of the extended moon diet plan is a replica of the basic diet moon plan and it should be done during both Full Moon and New Moon.

The second step that takes place during waning moon involves eating solid, regular food and drinking eight glasses of water per day. The eight glasses of water are very important if you want to reduce your cravings and to continue to lose weight during the other phases of the moon.

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The third and last step involves avoiding sweets and fats and not eating after 6 PM. The waxing moon is the phase of the moon when people experience the most food cravings so being extra careful during this period of time is mandatory for the success of the moon diet plan.