Referral Traffic: Sure-Shot Ways To Generate It For Your Business

You may be trying a variety of methods for ensuring a good flow of traffic to your website. However, if you have not yet made any effort to generate referral traffic to your site then you are losing on a major chunk of relevant visitors.

Now, what is referral traffic?

All your website visitors, who have come to your site via another site or blog, are referral traffic. For instance, if a blog recommends your products/services and mentions your website link. The visitors that you will receive through the blog are referral traffic.

How can referral traffic benefit you?

Irrespective of the size of business that you run, referral traffic will prove beneficial for you. In fact, through this traffic, you can build long-lasting clientele for your company.

Here are the major advantages that referral traffic promises:

Strong indication of your brand’s popularity

Referral traffic is that group of visitors, which has come to your website because they clicked on your link. Hence, this traffic recognizes your brand. These visitors decided to visit your website after following someone’s recommendation that they found on a blog or a site.

It means that your brand enjoys good reputation on the market. That is why people are sharing content regarding your company. Undoubtedly, such traffic is more valuable than the one that reaches your site through the search engines.

Good collection of natural backlinks

All the websites and blogs, which share your content and site’s link, provide you with backlinks. Backlinks are important for SEO. Since the content on such sites and blogs are considered genuine by the search engines, the links that your website thus receive are natural backlinks. Consequently, it helps in your site optimization.

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Increase in sales

Referral traffic consists of targeted visitors, who are interested in learning about your company. That is why if you succeed in getting more referral traffic, you can a get a higher amount of such targeted audience to your website. This phenomenon will raise your chances of selling your products and/or services.

Uniform flow of visitors 

People, who form your referral traffic, have faith in your brand. Hence, they will visit your website whenever they spot an update regarding your products/services. As you can see, this traffic is entirely focused on your business and thus, very lucrative.

How To Get Referral Traffic? 

Building referral traffic requires you to put effort right at the grass root level. You will have to concentrate on those elements, which will arouse the interest of people in your company and your website.

Create good content

The content you decide to put up on your website should encourage people to connect with you. Interesting content that has humor, correct grammar and vocabulary has more chances of being shared over the web. Moreover, while promoting your brand, your content should also help the reader in some way or the other.

Use various media for making your content sharable 

Having just a website for your company is not enough. For generating referral traffic, you also need a dynamic platform, which you can update by yourself every day. Hence, you should create a blog.

Through the blog, you can establish yourself as a blog writer and create goodwill for your company. In addition to good content, you should provide extra material in your blog such as videos, webinars, and e-books for attracting attention.

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Your content should be up to date with the right keywords

Nobody likes to read old content all the time. Therefore, you should focus on adding information about new developments that are related to your industry. However, you should also pay equal attention to creating content with relevant keywords. In this way, you can ensure that your content receives good backlinks.

Use social media to share your content at a high speed

Social media can help you spread your content all over the internet in a variety of ways. You can directly post videos on your social media page and invite your contacts for viewing and sharing them. Additionally, you can paste excerpts from your blog posts and encourage people to visit your blog to read the entire content.

Promotion of website content can be done very easily through the social media share buttons. To make these buttons available on every page of your site and let readers share your content freely.

Become member of active forums

Joining forums will give you the opportunity to interact with your potential clients. Since people ask questions in these forums, by responding to them, you will be able to establish yourself as a problem solver. It will facilitate easy generation of trust in your brand in the minds of your target audience.

Author: Jason Smith is an online manager for Hitches. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. Follow him on Google+.