Psychology of Love – A Valentine Day Special

Hi buddies!!! It was 13th of February when I was writing this article and had a countdown running back of my mind. Yes, a countdown for the day of romance, a countdown for the day of young feelings and a countdown for Valentine day. We all know that the day is celebrated to express the love. Have you ever thought what drive a human being toward love? Have you ever asked yourself what is love? And here comes an arrogant question, does love actually exist?

Let me take you on a long drive on this Valentine to the land of thoughts. I have tried to organize this post by putting certain questions. Have your ride with/without a companion.


What is love?

If you find this question silly then answer it! Find it difficult? It is. Find it easy? It is. I hope you will not frustrate out and hit the screen of your device! Yes the question itself leads us to ambivalence. I personally believe and have experienced that love is a feeling that you can feel very well but you cannot describe it exactly and still you can write a whole article on the subject of love!

Love is not a linear static phenomenon. It’s a multi dimensional scenario. It’s an individual experience too. For some people to be with someone is love and for some other people it may be freedom and space is love. For few people physical intimacy can be love and for some people it may be a platonic feeling. You may have individual versions of love.


What is the thing that drives People towards Love?

As you can not define love; the etiology of the syndrome called love is also idiopathic!! But here we can understand this aspect of love with the help of psychology. According to human psychology, Aristotle has truly said we are social animals. Loneliness kills any human being. Human beings like to be dependent on others morally.

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The other thing that is efficiently noted in many of the cases is that darkness has more power than that of enlightening ray of hope. People are driven in some creative things or in things that keep themselves happier. May be these are the reasons why people fall in love? Or may be not! (It’s truly ambivalent!)


Does love actually Exist?

You might think what kind of question is this? Yes I have to raise this question due to certain findings from current lifestyles of people and certain findings from psychological analysis. It is proven that males are more inclined to physical intimacy and females are more into romance. You can say romantic acts, activities and words affect the woman most. On the other hand males like to express their presence in a female’s life by physical intimacy.


These are proven facts. But the twist comes now; man does know what they want and what women too. So, you cannot say there is an absolute love between two people or you have to define love. So there is a school of people who believes that love doesn’t even exist. The fact according to them is its demand and supply. Both the people in relationship can fulfill each other’s need that’s why they are together.


Yes, love is like that complex yet beautiful, so don’t think about it much just go and feel it! It’s a temporary euphoria.

Author: Dharak Patel is a passionate writer. You may find him on Google +, Facebook and can follow him on Twitter.