Profile of Ra Uru Hu – Creator of Human Design

Ra Uru Hu – The Man Behind Human Design

Ra Uru Hu is the person who created the Human Design System and the one who gets it passed on to all the people living around the world. He is a modern spiritual life messenger that specialists highly admire and who has become more and more famous around the world due to his ideas and perceptions of life.

First Steps in the Life of Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu was born on 9th of April, 1948 in Canada under the name of Alan Krakower. He spent his early years of life in his hometown. He studied Arts and earned a Bachelor degree in this area. With this degree and due to useful knowledge and other skills he had managed to achieve, Alan got into the business world as a media producer, publisher and advertising executive. As the spiritualist himself has mentioned on various occasions, arts have played a huge role in his life as a constant performer.

First Encounters with the Voice

Traveling became his new discovered passion in 1983 when he left Canada in search of his path on the Island of Ibiza. He spent years there working as a school teacher. 1987 is the year when he says that his encounters with the mystical world first started. It is then that he had his first encounter with the Voice, a superior intelligence he had never been in contact with before. For about eight days and nights, Ra Uru Hu received valuable information for what has become the Human Design System as we know it today.

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The Messenger of the Human Design System

As soon as his experience ended, he knew immediately that he was the messenger of the Human Design System on Earth and continuously taught it around the world for more than 25 years. He managed to teach people how to live a healthy life, make correct decisions and never leave awareness away from their existence.

Holistic Perception of the World

From a spiritual perspective all human beings are said to be part of a single holistic field that allows us all to constantly interact with the rest of the world. No person should consider itself as a separate element of the world but as part of the whole as the Universe is perceived at a spiritual level. Every individual is connected to the whole through minuscule particles and to each other through our aura, an invisible field of energy that surrounds each of us.

Calculations for the Bodygraph

The Human Design System keeps these principles at the center. It uses the birth data to calculate the so-called rave chart or the Bodygraph. The science of Neutrinos is at the base of the perception system founded by Ra Uru Hu.

This is actually a synthesis of two streams of traditional science and its modern level. In combination, these elements offer people a valuable insight into how they are deigned and the type of existence they should pursue in the material world.

Scientifically Proved Validity

From when the mystical encounter of Ra Uru Hu took place up until current times, a wide range of studies and practical experiences have been developed around the world. The subsequent statistic confirmations of its validity have made the Human design system become scientifically true.

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The Voice proved to be more than just a mystical creature, it became the truth teller through the knowledge shared to Ra Uru Hu who never stopped sharing his revealed perceptions to the world until 2011 when he passed away. His valuable knowledge and experience is still shared around the world and has become more and more popular and worth following by people interested in spiritually discovering themselves.