Planning a Beach Trip with the Family

Planning a fun beach trip with the family is actually quite simple and straightforward, depending on how far from the beach you reside and how you’re planning on getting there. If you live near the beach you’re probably well versed in beach trip preparations, however those of us who don’t go as frequently as we’d like often forget something when preparing for a fun day at the beach with the family, and usually something important too!

Five steps for planning beach trip with the family

  1. Pick somewhere popular, but not so popular that everyone else will be making their way to the same beach as you. Beaches are popular for good reasons, such as comfortable swimming conditions, good surf breaks, convenient access by road and the presence of good cafes and restaurants. Don’t forget that some beaches are better for kids than others, and don’t overlook swimming conditions including rips, surf and other considerations. Sometimes it’s worth travelling a bit further to avoid the crowds, and there will be crowds if you’re travelling on the summer holidays, so if that’s the case and you have the time, go for it!
  1. If you’re planning on spending a night or two book early and don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you book (see below). If you’re travelling over the summer holidays, which is the best time to go to the beach with the kids, bear in mind that many other families undoubtedly have the same idea in mind, and also note that accommodation rates often rise during the holidays too, so factor this fiscal consideration into your expenses
    beach trip with family
    By swotai (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Check the weather forecast the day before your beach trip. There’s nothing worse than realising that the weather isn’t conducive for a day at the beach when you’re halfway there, moreover you can bet that the kids won’t be impressed either. Checking the weather forecast in advance enables you to postpone, or bring forward, the trip to a day when the weather is at its best. However, if the forecast is for an overcast day with no chance of rain, this might actually be a great day to go as it won’t be so hot, which often proves quite uncomfortable.
  1. Pack everything but food the night before. Packing and preparing the night before means less stress and rushing about preparing in the morning, plus you can head off early so you can get a full day at the beach, or if you’re staying the night, then a few extra hours of sea, sun and sand. Successful family beach trips start with solid foundations and that foundation is your preparations, so in addition to packing comfortable country clothing from Trekwear, don’t overlook the following essential items or your highly anticipated beach trip might not be the success it should have been:
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– Bathing suits, towels and plastic bags (for wet clothes)
– Camera and a protective case to keep the sand out
– Hats, sunglasses and t-shirts (t-shirts are great for swimming when the sun is strong)
– Sunscreen, insect repellent and Aloe Vera gel (or something similar for sunburn)
– Flip flops or sandals
– Bottled water, snacks and tissues
– Balls, buckets, Frisbees, goggles and other items for the kids
– A large carrying bag to carry everything from the car to the beach!

  1. Have a great time. Family trips to the beach should be enjoyable experiences and although it’s often the case when travelling with young kids that they’re a bit frazzled by the end of a big day out, they’ve still had the time of their lives at the beach, as should you.